The Sounds

  – of nature –

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I can remember
Hearing the sounds,
Till late September
Most to be found,
Echoes near all
Held us spellbound,
Yet soon to recall 
To be put aground,
For shy of enthrall  
Be mans contrives,
Wouldst thus anoint
With noise devised,
Beyond human point
To render us deaf,
He’d fashion disjoint
What life has left,
Of the lullaby sounds
Once natural to nature!  

                 © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Images - Marianne Dessis ...
Music – Adagio Albinoni ...
Audio - Jean-Jacques Fournier ...

			                written in Sweetsburg
			                        June 7, 2021

“ Puzzling ” ~ with longevity ~

Not for a life time

But of time alive,

Fate holds be mine

To explore demise,

As nature’s design

Of erudition drive,

For a human assign

In a complex devise,

Be suspect durability

That we want define,

Ceding be its brevity

Ought facilitate mind,

For its one only life

In a scant fix of time,

Has man ever puzzling

Till he realized best not find,

He was born to indeterminate end

With longevity be as fate so inclines!


                                                                        © Jean-Jacques Fournier


“ Every Season ” ~ has a reason ~


Every season

In nature’s bent,

Finds purpose

For renewal,

That celebrates

Each wont advent

Not as infinity’s rival

But a cycle of revival…


Yet we creatures

Suffer brevity

Of a single stay,

A hoped-for reach

Though time decreed

Life be held brief,

And so ephemeral

Deemed beg amend

Wouldst be in vain,

To imitate seasons

That never fully fade,

Thus likely  reason

Life then returns again!


“ No Man’s Land ” ~ a child legacy ~


Who will survive

No man’s land,

Of coerced minds

Duping fellowman,

Into hapless decline,

Thru polluted valleys

Oozing insecticides

And tar-sand’s ride,

Ever fouling water,

Life for sons

And daughters,

With creatures’ toil

Equilibrating nature

For nutritive soil,

Meant for all derive

To simply stay alive,

Hence a child’s legacy

If earth can survive,

In this no man’s land!

“ Falling ” ~ too fast ~

I’ve a feeling

I’m whirling

Like a leaf

In the wind,

Drifting round

Not knowing

If I’m to be found…


As I fall

From on high,

It’s as though

Life signs

Once mine

Have gone dry,

Tho I shout

None about

Pays mind,           

As they gaze

Thru their maze

Of eyes dead, 

While resigned

Be my stead

Life shan’t last,

As I’m falling too fast!

“ Living Life ” ~ as if forever ~


I want to walk

As if forever

I’ll be around,

I want to feel

The texture                                                            

Of the ground,

Before it’s buried

In man’s ruins,

I want to know

The air I breathe

Is held be sound…


I want to taste

Of life

Thus so devour,

Each morsel

Of every shade

And colour,

I want to smell

The fragrances

That embraces

My existence,

Till no longer

Thus living life,

As if forever!


“ I The Frog ” ~ croaks ridit ridit ~


I am the frog

Who basks,

With delight

In noonday sun,

Or on hot nights

Croak ridit ridit,

In pale moon light…


While bugs I seek

The while awake,

I’ll gobble my fill

Held within reach,

And croak along

Till when I sleep…


Thus whilst I wait

Will stay afloat,

Till bugs abound

Be my day’s hope,

And hence till then

Am a frog at bay,

Croaks ridit ridit

On a frog given day!