“ This Look ” ~ forever lingers ~


I can’t help ponder

This look

Ever inducing,

Forever lingers

On my mind,

Without fading

Has me wonder

If I’m to find,

This look

I wish be worth define,

Be alas no lest than mine!



“ A Way ” ~ held free ~


If I should find

Life in a way

Held free,

I venture say

Wouldst be a day

Whole I thus be,

Yet I’ll be spared

To suffer accept

That I’m rather inept,

For I always forget

Only dreams be held free!



“ Thought ” ~ said fleeting ~


A fleeting thought

I’d wanted so to keep

Did disappear,

Alas without a peep

It might yet reappear!



“ While I Live ” ~ to not forget ~


The while I live,

Help me now

To not forget,

Afore I reach

I’m not to feel

Being near,

Or ever more

Able to hear

A voice so dear,                                                             

Nor taste again

The love of you,

The while I muse

Be cause regret,

Precious days

I might neglect,

To tell of ways

I loved you then,

The while I lived

This side of when,

Till I should reach

That quite place!



“ Winds ” ~ of pol unrest ~


Of pol unrest

Be errant quests,

Like wailing winds

Whines its chagrin,

He weaves to lure

Around held sins,

By any means

In whiny oracles,  

Meant reel us in,

To so align

The ill elects,

Who will connive

For his convene,

Like shifting winds

Of partisan idiom,

Will blindly be let fly!



“ The False Embrace ” ~ of a soulless creator ~


What wants create

Ends in sad ruse,

The mooted worth

Of a creator

Deprived of soul,

Who fails instil

A heart to hold,

The beauty

He would fashion,

With false embrace!

                                                                              ode to duped believers