“ Persistence ” ~ beyond bounds ~


An endless sound

Of hissing resounds,


In ones weary skull…


Perverse echoes

Find to devise

In a mind resigned,

The means to survive

A state that confounds,

One forced to listen

Beyond humane bounds,

Said tinnitus to suffer

In its hell bent surrounds!

“ Moods ” ~ play one like a fiddle ~

You’re flying high

On a cloud

In a too blue sky,

Then suddenly low

At half past late

Land at hell’s gate,

Yet soon revert

Without you bide

To feel quite pert,

When up down ride

Now finds your mind inert…


Fixed on a whirlwind

Of mood swings,

This state of mind

From obsequious smile

To woebegone resign,

Wants but  loose the moods

That plays one like a fiddle!

“ Falling ” ~ too fast ~

I’ve a feeling

I’m whirling

Like a leaf

In the wind,

Drifting round

Not knowing

If I’m to be found…


As I fall

From on high,

It’s as though

Life signs

Once mine

Have gone dry,

Tho I shout

None about

Pays mind,           

As they gaze

Thru their maze

Of eyes dead, 

While resigned

Be my stead

Life shan’t last,

As I’m falling too fast!