“ The Have and The Have Naught ” ~ be life’s comedy ~

The have naught, ebb

With life a tragedy,

Trapped in a web

Of apathetic reality,

Man will so scheme

Endemic of betrayal,

To attain his means…


Ergo haves, we may agree

Live pithily said comedy,

For they especially                                      

Of careless objectivity,

Destine their domain

In animate fantasy,

Suffering not inequity

The while feign humane!

“ A Guest ” ~ in Satan’s lair ~


Born of a stay,

I’ll venture tell

Of a dared trip,

That looks in hell,

Thus a portrait

Of abject fair,

That of a guest

In Satan’s lair,

Thus on a toss

Ignoring the peril,

Where flames alas

Will cop one’s ass,

A temptress sets

To lewdly invade

The fading dream

Of one’s nightly rest…


Hence for angels

Pray not appear,

As they be devils

Hatched in fear,

Composing evils

For devil’s deeds,

By the near dead

Guests for his feed,

Soon meant to dwell,           

In Beelzebub’s hell!


“ The Hall Runner ” ~ runs not ~


I’ve a runner

Runs not,

Not even a step,

A mat of sorts

In a weave

That cavorts,

Thus so conceived

As the hall runner…


Made so to go

From end to other,

Hence down the hall

Till it can reach

The opposite wall…


If you should ask

What of its task,

It’s but to cover

A floor said under,

Thus to walk over

Free of noise bother

For ladies in jumpers

Prancing in unders,

At times without,

Down the hall runner!


“ The Wasp ” ~ hymenoptera or human ~


I’ve known wasps

Since childhood,


Held be human,

Sting they would,

If one did cross

Upon their stood,

Or in school’s hood,

One did presume

To set the pace,

Thus take the lead

And so displace

In their prized race,

These hymenoptera

Said bête noire wasp,

Thought per se human!


“ I The Frog ” ~ croaks ridit ridit ~


I am the frog

Who basks,

With delight

In noonday sun,

Or on hot nights

Croak ridit ridit,

In pale moon light…


While bugs I seek

The while awake,

I’ll gobble my fill

Held within reach,

And croak along

Till when I sleep…


Thus whilst I wait

Will stay afloat,

Till bugs abound

Be my day’s hope,

And hence till then

Am a frog at bay,

Croaks ridit ridit

On a frog given day!