“ Teach Me How ” ~ to do without ~


The while I live,

Teach me how

To do without,

If life dictates

Blind be my fate,

Ne’er to see you

One more time…


Teach me how

To do without,

If destined so

To suffer deaf

And cannot hear

Tho you be near…


Teach me now

To do without,

Afore I reach

State of forget,

Thus to endure

Held grieved regret,

Thru precious days

I might live yet

So teach me how,

I am to do without!


“ The Beginning ” ~ goals not forever ~


In the beginning

Declared alive,

Though not forever

We’re to survive,

Nor be the wiser

Save few be clever,

Saw worth persist

Embrace alive,

Question beginning

Goals not forever,

And why so devised …


Thus man’s mind

Of tenacious bind,

Aims fashion delay

To now limited stay,

While not eternal

Seeks fix beginning,

We achieve alter way

In life road chose lend,

Might find evade end!


                                             man’s ever ludicrous dream


“ I The Other Cat ” ~ mean find my share ~

On a notable day,
Be Kaspar on his way,
Of green incisive eyes
Masked of silver grey,
Tho last of litter’s late
He’s instinct wise,
And opts not hesitate
Thus for his lofty size
Finds so accommodate,
A marked territory stay
Where he be recognized,
Among his regal sway
Shall then be evermore
Favoured he feels ought,
States I the other cat
Mean find my share,
And aim consume the lot!

ode to Kaspar our other Maine Coon cat…