Growing Up – a poetic trio –

For they who remember, growing up – sooner – athwart or later

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Growing Up
        - sooner -

Growing up sooner
Exacts a dearth, 
Be of cold derision
And hardly worth,
It inhibits dreams	
Try as we might,
Shed light it seems
On growing plight,
We’d want to defer
A predictable sight,
Of life’s end in blur
Be its ultimate night!
Growing Up
      - athwart -

Thence but a day
More I can sway, 
Suffers held toss 
Journey’s delay,                                                   		  
Whatever it cost 
To arrange way,
I need not barter
Or nor be tarred,
For rather sooner
May well find fate,
Hence to reassure  
Be end of athwart!
Growing Up 
        - later -

Looking back
Older too fast, 
Be force haste 
Much far past, 
Holds impugn
Age soul state, 
Find new tune
Of lasting taste,
Best to nurture
Not rely on fate,
Lest you so capture
Fix growing up later!
© Jean-Jacques Fournier            
written in Sweetsburg  May 9, 2021

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Music - Pedestrians, by Duke Herrington 
Audio - Jean-Jacques Fournier

Life – is but a moment –

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– is but a moment –

‘Twas said life starts 
With a great holler,
Then sixty seconds
You’d grown taller,
As time beckoned
For a minute later,
All sixty of the hour
You’d hear mention,
Heads to twenty-four
Er be a day’s attention,
Like the budding flower 
Has sunshine’s intention
In day’s bloom to discover, 
For if the gods aim so ye last
One may find feel to be a lover,
Afore life is but a moment passed! 

                               © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Music - Paris Jazz
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Poem Recital - author, Jean-Jacques Fournier

						written in Sweetsburg
 						       April 22, 2021 

Of Idle Wade, A Thought, Inadvertently – a trio of elegiac thoughts –

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Of Idle Wade 
        - from pathos shade -

Ye squander time
Inadvertently so,
Find rapid decline
Wanting ye know,
Meant be consign
As how long to go,
Tho animate mind
Feels inert pursuit,
Of idle wade defined 
Be ill site to bear fruit,
Tho thought will incline
Despite from pathos shade,
Ye beg for life’s meagre time!

A Thought 
            - fleeting -

Be a thought fleeting, 
I’d wanted to keep
Wouldst disappear,
Tho thru a sneak peek
Hints of might reappear!
	     - timed -

Be inadvertently timed
This disheartening thought, 
Of such escalating kind
That the gods can’t stop,
They unconscionably blind 
To idle wades, in pathos shades!
             		     © Jean-Jacques Fournier

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Music - Blue Sundays Jazz, Oakwood Stn.
Audio recital - Jean- Jacques Fournier

	               written in Sweetsburg,  March 30, 2021,  

If Truth Be Told – how then discern –

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If Truth Be Told 
	- how then discern -
If truth be told
Will it yet reach,
Its vision worthy
Of ether entreat,
Not bent in guile
Of vitiate deceit, 
Yet who’s to say 
Man didn’t teach,
The gods’ sly way
Thus so to breach,
How then discern
Of which we speak,
Thus be held truth 
Or but failed preach,
Aimed credible to hold
Tho history has its doubt,
If man’s veiled truth be told!
						        © Jean-Jacques Fournier
					inspired from the poem Truth be Xenophanes 
					          Greek philosopher, theologian, poet
						  for timeless words of wisdom!
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Music - Whose There by Peter Sandberg ...
Audio Recital - Jean-Jacques Fournier ...

re-written in Sweetsburg
March 26, 2021

Imagining, Imaging Image – of destined to be –

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Imagining, Imaging Image

                  – of destined to be –

     - persona said whole -

Risks find exterior 
Not imagining be, 
A creation inferior
Albeit melds just,
Held modestly bold
May not be an image
Of persona said whole!

         -  fixed impression -

In one’s reflection
A mirrored façade,
Of fixed impression
Has one soon wonder,
What he will envisage
Of neoteric squander,
Thru lifetime’s ravages
Of reality faced imaging!

     - you see -

May not ere be 
If ne’er ye find
An image to see,
In fact ‘tis of ye 
As short set time, 
Despite of a plea
For annals define,
Be vacant you see
Of destined life be!                                      

In imagining, imaging image  
          - of destined to be -

                              © Jean-Jacques Fournier
                                        March 19, 2021

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Music – Elegant Bossa Nova Jazz
Audio recital - by the author ...                                                         

Dreamscape – of a risky nature –

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              But for a little humour...


         – of a risky nature –

Lapsed in dreamscape

Of rhythmic tossing,

By love’s enfoldment

Be aberrantly bound,

Beneath a quilt of pink

When aroused to a sound,

Of an angry voice on the brink   

She reaches for her lacy things

As her fiancé hollers, you harlot

And repeatedly hammers in fury,

While lover holds a rumbling door shut!

                 based on and old familiar story,
                               for a friend of errant ways...

                    © Jean-Jacques Fournier
		      Written in Sweetsburg
Short poem excerpt, of ov. Sounds - in an aberrant state - 
written in Grasse, Fr. 2006,... 
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Music - excerpt of Jazz Mood - BMG Channel ...
Audio – Jean-Jacques Fournier

Validating – an aging mind –

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            - an aging mind - 

 From apropos 
 to ye ought know,
 would that we find
 the how to slow,
 an aging mind... 

 Yet far from reign
 these gods that play,
 our heads in game 
 be mindless way,
 need feign shame
 from apropos,
 to ye ought know
 afore ‘tis time,
 Too soon will show!     

                       A mindful raison d’être...
            © Jean-Jacques Fournier    
 Audio recital – by the author...
 Music - Almost Blue, by Chet Baker...
 Imagery – Private & Public ...
                           written in Sweetsburg    
                                      February 25, 2021