“ Days We’d Tasted ” ~ be without end ~

I nigh recall

When but a tot,

Days mostly all

Be without end,

Thus no part plot

Then to be fed,

But chosen dishes

Hence composed

Held daily doze

Of youthful wishes…


Yet growing up

Had not foretold,

Days made face

Life want remould,

As child burns

To aging bold,

That soon exacts

Its weighty toll,

For growing old

Bids less recall,

Of days we’d tasted all!

“ A Smile ” ~ behind a smile ~

I’ve known smiles

That go the mile,

Others borrowed

But for the while,

In veiled disguise

To cover sorrow

Hid in dim mazes,

Till one morrow

In all its fazes

The sadness dies,

And you can feel

A smile appease

Akin to a caress,

Behind a smile

Reaching to please!

“ Another Road ” ~ while ataraxia implies ~

Another road

Wants but persuade

Leads to paradise,

But not till there

You’d realize,

It falsely bades

To road disguised,

That serves to hide 

Its likely path be hell,

While ataraxia you seek

Is where you now reside,

Thus so implies

Need not a road to bide!

“ Being Perfect ” ~ within ones imperfections ~

There’s perfection

In my intent,

And high purpose

Of objectives,

Tho often I fail reach

Dedication I so seek,

That which heighten

My pursuits

To avoid mediocrity,                                                                 

Ever poised to posture

Over looming insufficiency…


Thus I struggle

To construct,

Words of import

Meritorious as I must,

Apposed in a fashion

To inspire interaction,

Being perfect my resolve,

Like a more inspired fellow

May find in imperfection!

“ Anonymous ” ~ by design ~

Buried neath

A sad façade,

Cloaked in layers, 

Of ambiguity…


Masked in aura                                            

Of mystique,

Who would see

This pulchritude

Likened to a rose,

Veiled behind

Sorrow so bleak,

Wouldst by design

Endure anonymous!