“ Brothers ” – for but a time –

Be fortunes lost,

And later read

Of human cost,

Be of men dead

By fortunes lost,

Near nation wide

While few survived

Those who did cried,

Brother please

Can you spare a dime,

Was prelude to the times…

While not my bide

Yet fore I’m dead,

Be my expired hide

That you have read,

Might you not now

Allow some doubt,

On  held debate,

To spare the while alive

Afore we be deaths bate,

Just  but a time,

To be a brother mine!

                                                         ode to a lost brother

An old but timeless story, from biblical to ongoing times,

alas of generic proportion…

                                                             © Jean-Jacques Fournier

“ Dwindling Morrows ” – set to fix day’s mad pace –

In today’s epoch life haste

Find dwindling morrows,

Set to fix day’s mad pace

With view ever so narrow,

Man may no longer waste

Or chance we may borrow,

If but to finish a life’s race

Held ‘tis fates meager sow,

Now blasé to reach a place

Held squandered long ago,

Long afore life near effaced!


                                                            Ode to the reality we’ve to live with,

                                                             until the world powers truly awaken,

                                                             to the likes of a vocal Greta Thunberg!

                                                             May she and our world youth ignite they,

                                                             with the power to save our planet. I beg…                                                     

                                                                                       © Jean-Jacques Fournier

                                                                                                       September 28, 2019



“ Singlehood ” – rather in between –

I am pleased and honoured to share with you a Vimeo version of my poem

“Singlehood” – rather in between – said poem… performed, directed and

produced, by the very creative Rebecca Budd who hails from Vancouver, BC

See links below…





Jean-Jacques Fournier

“ Fury ” – cause of chicanery –

‘Tis construe be said fury,

Tho it be of man’s nature

For mind endured scurry,

To dispel passion blusters

Afore immutable blurry,

Set off by inducing anger

Leading beyond ferocity,

That man needs to waiver

Before state leads to rage,

Born of furious behaviour

Blind to objective engage,

In lieu of mended adverse,

Which affirms declaration,

Of man’s unnoticed apathy

As to concede he’d ignored

What describes best shown,

Of claimed hell hath no fury

Like a woman said scorned,

Be man’s cause of chicanery

That ignites daubs of misery,

Thus the feed that spurs fury!


                                                       © Jean-Jacques Fournier