“ Renascence ” ~ out of the ashes ~


I’ve found my way

Out of the ashes,

Awakened this day

Among creatures

In zombie like guise,

Moving precariously

With demonic devise…


Now musing spirits,

We travel this earth,

Held to be humanoids

But question alive,

Dwellers of carcass

Unsure to survive,

As robotic derived…


Once thought human

And semblance of man,

Now but malleably led

By stone like beings,

Who channel servility

To recycled vassals,

Meant to do bidding

Of want sorry mortals,

Said powers resolve

Of renascence androids,

Who migrate from ashes!

“ The Child In Me ” ~ tho but a shade ~

It matters not,

Be but a shade

Of used to be,

He does exist

The child in me…

Many will say

It can’t be he,

For what we see

Is but a hint

Of said once be,

I play their game

Knowing full well

He’s still the same…


Yet more claim

I am for naught,

The child is gone

Tho I think not,

For we remain 

One and the same…


I know the child

Yet lives in me,

As so he must

From birth

Until meant day

One turns to dust!

“ Ageing ” ~ a mortal bane ~

The world beholds

A budding mind

Of adolescent bold,

Who soon finds

Psyche in a bind,

Needs mortally face

Youth be replaced,

To thus suffer

That nadir bath

On an ageing path,

The apathetic cold

In mortal bane hold…


No one be immune  

To this adverse tune,                                                                    

Of fated waste

Etching ones face,

Hence with resign

Aging so awaits

A fitting celebrate,

Where you may find

Me fashionably late!

“ Mindful ” ~ in my sleep ~

I’m mindful

In my sleep,

Though I know                                                                      

It’s not unique,

To thus recall

While part dead,

Afflicted all

Held as we sleep,

Be ones stead

Hence so to reap,                                         

What lies ahead!

“ Clouds for Dreaming ” ~ on ethereal wings ~

On a whim I can fly

In a dream,

For it seems,

I can soar on wings

Of ethereal things,

Be a flight so real

The ascent I can feel…


As I ride the wind

I hear Zephyr sing,

Yet cannot tell 

If this means ’tis hell,

As suffered Phoenix

When rashly he’d fly

So high he did fry,

Which I’ll not risk

Soaring so fixed,

For be in a dream I fly…


Now on billowy clouds

Soft feathery things,

Their gentle pull bides

The while one clings,

To this surreal ride

Said fabric for dreams,

That dresses the skies

In clouds made for dreaming!

“ The Gift ” ~ of you ~

I want not forget

Fail having tried,

Or simply accept

I chose regret,

Mindful that I could

Rather than affect,

Without need to try

As tho I could deny,

You be easy on the eye…


I need recall

The times you tried

Offering your all,

I too blind to see

You needed me,

As I you even more

I might’ve realized

The gift you offered,

I hadn’t known before…


Doesn’t tax a memory,

To recall the many

And none as worth if any,

Yet didn’t know enough

I had this gift to hold,

But only now can tell

When I am wiser old,

And you’re now gone,

A gift for someone else to hold!

“ The Paradise I Knew ” ~ or so I’d dreamed ~


The paradise I knew

Lost now to years,

When youth yet be

A part of me,

And had no boundaries

As far as you could see…


‘Twas paradise alive

For life to thrive

On courage sound,

Would so derive

Felicity that loomed

Thru fate want found…


Alas would end

Such reveries of youth,   

The while did suffer

Fantasies falter,

As mature felt reality

Eventually alter

The paradise I knew,

Or so I’d dreamed!

“ A Little Girl ” ~ for so little time ~

A little girl tender,

For a short while

A singular child,

Gentle yet bold,

Till closing on old

Destines to unfold…


Ah little girl mine

For so little time,

How you so grow

Too fast to follow,

Harder to mind

You’ve need of cover

To suffer words hollow,

The while discover

A rather hard swallow,

From all who ill choose

Find need to express,

Their sorry dim views…


Alas till the day

Humans so face,

Need find the way

To wholly embrace,

Child whose fate

Be a tiny step late,

But stir our desire

For little girl child,

Whose but few words

Finds love that inspires!