“ Singlehood ” ~ rather in between ~

I contemplate

The solitude

Of single life,

And find somehow

It’s rather in between

The then and now,

Like not too hot

Or not too cold,

A sort of midway

Life and death,

A kind of lazy comfort

That goes nowhere

In a most committed way…


Don’t get me wrong

That’s not to say

It’s all without reward,

Who can deny

The pleasurable sensation

Of unbroken blissful silence,

No need to share

Nor patience there required,

No threat to deprivation

Or succulent seclusion,

A feast without an equal

For one-way conversations! 


“ Oh Ignorance ” ~ save us from the holy man ~


Oh give me ignorance,

To spare me teachings

Of spiritual convictions,

And poisonous creed,

Dubiously fabricated

By mortal made man,

In his bent to control

His fellowman’s soul

Thus so to wallow

In holy excesses

Of immoral greed,

The while he infects

The vulnerable minds,

With fictional stories

Of hell fire binds,

Thru shaman like pawns

Feeding the venom

That renders soul blind!

                                                                 remembering Christopher Hitchens


“ I Never Do Insist ” ~ uninvited ~

I badger

I pressure

I brow beat

I pester,

And even lament

For cause gone amiss,

If need be torment,

But I never do insist…


I dismiss

I displace

I’m remiss

I disgrace,

And erase

To save face

When I’m out of place,

But I never do insist…


I coerce

I compel

I harass

I cajole,

And kick ass

If they sass

Save always with class,

But I never do insist…


I dare say

I don’t grieve,

When invited

I do state

I’ve a knack

If there’s call

To achieve,

Any way          

There’s a need

Of obtuse to be rid,

It’s no feat I so bid,

But I never do insist!


“ The Dark Side ” ~ of a clouded mind ~


You set the play

Said to locate

Along the way,

That so recalls

How you’ll stay

In mindful state,

Only to end

On the dark side

Of a clouded mind…


Now you must find

The wherewithal,

To extravasate

Your daemons’ call,

Who but indulge

In plots that ebb

Your mind to fall…


But matters less

Now be the day

A place you find,

Infers be peace

Finds holds the line,

Tho be the dark side,

Of that clouded mind!


“ A Mind ” ~ at bay ~


I can but seek

What did so pique

A mind to stray,

Thus which entreats

I quickly learn

Absence of nous,

And spare delay

For one wants find

A place infusive,

To compose lines

Of peerless words

In myriad waves,

That means tell

A story well,

Of enduring fit

Beyond the grave,

The while I ponder

Ought I admit,

At bay said mind

Be dolefully mine…


Hence till I find,

I’m made to live

This sorry state,

That set a mind

So far at bay,

Those many days

I’ve to exist

In wordless ways,

Concludes life be       

No longer of my say!                                  ode to all who write!

“ Rebelhood ” ~ beings who see ~


The onus need be

On beings who see                        

We still have a say,

Thus now to rewind

A once rebel say,

Long left behind

Yet far from dead,

And anxiously thus

To rebel the stead

Of philistines heads

Hid in democracies

Efficiently blind,

Whose corrupt ways

Will see our decline,

And moving ahead

To entertain change

May be out of range,

While what we’d to live,

With our rebelhood mind

Will have run out of time!


“ In The Dark ” ~ of man’s mind ~


In the dark

Of man’s mind,

‘Tis said resides  

In cerebrum,

A wily bide

Thus callous side

Of invidious will,

Whose bent intends

A motivating state,

To but assimilate


The while subduing

Resistance whole,

Hence to create

A nest hegemony

Of nefarious control,

For social leaders

Who puppeteer

Said fellow earthling,

Kept in the dark

Of their inhuman minds!


“ A Need For Trust ” ~ be part of us ~


There be a need

We learn of trust,

Not born in us,

For man made gods

Speak phantasies

Of wavering purpose,

But naught of such

Said worthy of entrust,

Hence need for trust

Of heady rank,

To fashioned so

And carve in stone,

As hold we must

For noble sanctions

Meant to bind,

In ways that touch,

And made to feel

Ensuring force

Shall thus lift us,

That we perceive

Trust be the air

To live we breathe,

For trust a need

Be part of us!


“ Promises, Promises ” ~ promises broken ~


Promises offered

In recycled words,

Feeding the coffers

Favours man’s fate,

Ever so vacant

It borders absurd,

Promises given

Intended to serve

Man’s coveted state,

His hidden agenda

Naively taken

Tho much at stake,

Promises broken

Even a covenant

Absent of honour,

Integrally crippled,

And ever so empty

Save otiose drivel,

Promises, promises

Of dubious solve,

Or dark that evolves,

Having less measure

Than pie in the sky,

Sadly quite void

Of substance to fly!


“ Manners ” ~ minding what matters ~


An innate place

Of pubertal days,

Extends beyond

Adolescent ways,

Thus frustrates

A sage mind

Of durable stay,

Earning title

To right of say,

For what matters

Held wanting,

When minding

Of manners

Be  dubious state,

Hence entreats

The redressing

Of  bearing,

All but blind

To demeanor

Layered fine,

While the way

Weighs on time,

For fashioning manners

Of minding what matters!