“ Expiry Date ” ~ a constant threat ~


‘Tis said of life

With death

Walks hand in hand,

Yet to this end

A constant threat


Such be held fears

Tho shan’t have say

Wouldst linger near

Till life’s expiry date,

Hence ye meant find

In that ensuing place

Said peace of mind,

Held too soon there,

Might we alas discover,

The wonders of life’s fare

The while we be alive!


“ Friend ” ~ a singular entitlement ~


 Why do they call me friend…


What is their cause

Or purpose

To judge me worthy,

That they should levy

Such expression of regard,

Entrust this much


To be bestowed

Upon my person,

Thus be asked to manage

With this impressive status…


And to this title friend,

A singular entitlement,

Who possesses

Such impartiality

Could deem me deserving,

Or capable indeed

To discharge such obligation,

Required and implied

When one is given title,

That of being called friend…


Why do they call me friend!

“ Idiosyncrasy ” ~ a candid thinker ~



Not anomalously


Or necessarily

Problematic …


But it takes time

For that peculiarity

To invade the mind,

From borderline


To thus inclined


As to acquiescence



Save tendencies

For naive liberty

As in freedom

Of behavior, 

Said thought bizarre

Be fit conjecture

And arguably realm

Of eclectic expression,

An autonomous

Of employment 

As a candid thinker,

Tho aberrant person

Of maverick proclivity,

Be choice advocate

For idiosyncrasy!


“ Sandboxes ” ~ and rainbows ~


Time played us so

Like carefree pueriles,

As though forever

Made live the while

In dreamy rainbows,

When of a sudden

It cast adrift

Our childhood days

To find our way

Far from our sandbox…


Now adult visions

Edge to fashion

Unknown choices,

That once found

Too soon wore thin,

And held best toss

As remote whims

Of wearisome sins…


Yet a period plagues

With insipid wishes

And oneirism’s ease,

Of undying rainbows

In sandbox dwellings!


“ Daybreak ” ~ to re-ignite life ~


In early morning

I awake,

To re-ignite life,

The while minutes

It need take

I watch

The seconds fly,

Not from the sky

But on a clock

As they tick bye,

Until the noise

Of an electronic box

Disturbs my peace,

With its robotic voice,

As it blurts out


In a moronic spout

Of nonsense bent,

And cackle overload

Infers be edifying meant,

But in a mode

So non-repent,

One wants to de-ignite

Ne’er to hear again

Early morning daybreak,

And so I say a pox

On the short or long wave box!


“ Another Yesterday ” ~ too soon ~


Ah yesterday,

You’re there

Once more

Too soon,

Before the day

Has barely gone,

The while I want

For just a bit

To carry on,

Before day’s end,

Tho I should fuss

To turn the clock

It pays no mind

My want expend,

That I might find

How best to give,

A full share’s worth,

Of I’ve to live

And well before

I’m made to taste,

Another yesterday!


“ Body In Motion ” ~ a composition of life ~


I watch beguiled

The body move

At mesmeric pace,

I marvel

At the beauty

Of her grace,

A striking figure

Neath satin skin

Of golden colour,

Its sensual muscles

Rippling so within,

Taut and glistening

As her body bursts

In undulant dance,

That elongates

And counteracts

To articulate,

A composition

That speaks of life,

Yet needs no words

To tell its story…


Hence as she soars

Like a bird of Jove

Does so express,       

The alluring motility

Of a body in motion!


“ A State of Amity ” ~ once upon a friend ~


That first breath

Of amity,

Gives on occasion

A propitious sense

Suggesting a state

Of enduring depth,

That thus infers

Its ensuing leads

To lasting friendship

Of affability,

And resilient so

As to bathe lifelong

In honest reserve…


Save said breath

Be given voice

Of jaundice choice,

How then inflicted

Might one deny

Its rootless stand,

Germinated so

In dubious ethics,

Ne’er more to be

Than a gasp

Of shallow purpose,

Thus to express

A state of amity

That belies no less,

Once upon a friend

Did but  forever live,

In a self serving façade!