“ The Beginning ” ~ of the end ~


It started then

The dénouement,

Not telling when


From maman,

Would prompt

Find the way,

To journey’s end

Ones fated day,

And delay reach

That virtual wall

Of final breach,

Meant to lead all

Beyond entreat,

While time lures

Man so descends,

To the beginning

Of the end!


“ On The Shelf ” ~ a place of rest ~


I feel a book

Less than a tome,

Where I abide

Held be my home,                                                               

There on a shelf

I am to dwell,


In a near hell,

Tucked in a space

For easy trace,

If one’s to find

My aging face,

That I myself

Find hard to place,

As time has stolen

Most recall,

I must rely

On passers-by

To so point out,

‘Tis I so perched

Now on the shelf,

Held thus too soon

Suffer a place of rest!


“ Limbo’s Darkness ” ~ in your mind ~


I reached for you

Yet somehow knew

I’d touch shadows,

I voiced your name,

To hear but echoes

Sounding awash

And doleful lame,

I looked to find

Cold had replaced

A familiar warmth,

And when wake

Would feel you be

There by my side,

Not in a limbo’s tide…


As I await

For your escape

I see a tearful face,                                        

Among the shadows                                                                                

Of a limboed place,

Thus beg for  morrow

That you be guided

To the end of sorrow,                                                                      

Ne’er more to find

Lives in your mind,

The dark of limbo!


“ Powering Greed ” ~ living sty high ~


Man ought live

To ameliorate

The human lot,

If but to give

Before his greed

Exceeds his need,

Which to attain

Must finds to rule

Those disinclined,

And well beyond

The silent blind,

Schemes deeds

Meant to amass 

All he could don,

The while aligns

To fashion seed

For  payola feed,

Claim fellow troughers

Who live sty high,

Off corporate coffers,

Powering greed!                       

                                                                                  ode to failed

                                                                           golden parachutists

“ Abracadabra ” ~ a banker’s lexis ~


Bankers stealing

From the week,

Assess reaches

Thus  subscribed

To so complete

The scourge’s test,

While pawns compete

As so prescribes

Their leaders’ quest,

Whose banking jibes

Be camouflage

For the hocus-pocus

Of lowly scribes,

Who so provide


Wherein stands

A banker’s lexis,

Of oblique values

For self-serving lies,

To fashion shams

Bankers devise!