“ The Womanizer ” ~ kindles belief ~


‘Tis said a womanizer

Is but a tantalizer

With inherent charm,

And fertile propensity

Fashions all his way,

With amplitude

That awakens a desire

In women he’ll prey,

Having thus pursued

He’ll kindle a belief,

With the altruism

A Lothario kneads,

Resistor finds to plead,

Assured he’s the prize

Women can but idolize!


“ Still Life ” ~ of some worth ~

Time images

Scenes of life

That stills

My feelings,

And textures

What I’ve lived

That I might know

To savour,

The meagre harvest

Yet worth living,

In a world

That may well die

Before I access

What remains,

Composed thus so

In a still life

Tho of some worth,  

Too soon be mine!