“ Life ” ~ be the gift of you ~


I might’ve stayed

To linger here

Another day,

If there be reason,

To suffer yet

Without I find

I’d but survive,

A mindless habit,

Of far too long

Blindly stayed away…


Despite a doubt

I’d boldly chose  

To be about,

Thus so to realize

Be the gift of you

Life sent my way,

This likelihood

To now admit

I’d finally understood, 

That I be meant to stay!  

“ On Hades’ Bed ” ~ be not nirvana ~


Be of shame

I wish to tell,

Of a being

I knew well,

Never made it

Beyond hell,

Told be a haven

And his nirvana…


Forced to stay

In Satan’s lair

Suffering dread

In this repair,

And in this stead

He could but plea,

That fellow humans

Be set free

From Hades bed,

This world in ashes

Forged in hell,

With putrid air

And dried up wells,

A world man fixed

To be his end,

Tho he still fends

To find nirvana!


“ Euphony ” ~ for a limboed soul ~


I close my eyes

And listen

To the euphony,

That brings to life

A sun filled sound

Wants skirt the rain…


And when I hear

The music flow

So freely to my ear,

Elation but awakes

My limboed soul,

To nudge emotions

Parched and dry…


Thus musician stay

That I may hear you play

The music you so speak,

Would lure a soul

From complacent silence

That renders bleak,

Hence musician play,

That I be once more whole!


“ Commitment ” ~ on ones own terms ~


Why persist

With nebulous issues

To which commit,

Or self-impose



Likely to entangle

Worthy attempts…


For there’s no panacea

Or magical solutions

That answers all,

Nor twists of fate

Expunging errors

Of naive beginnings…


Yet with tenacity,

The ultimate assault

For self determination,

We’ll disencumber

The foibles from they,

Who mentally cage us…


Thus commitment

Should be primarily

To live life

On ones own terms,

Without compromise

That may so jeopardize,

Our ability to survive!


“ The Ride ” ~ meant to reinvent ~


The ride that wants

To be all tides,

One that awaits

To have you ride

Atop the crest,

And thus in stride

To absolute best,

Suffers not strife

Nor craves a nest

As a place to hide,

And save the rest

Now wearing thin,

Though little be left

Of life’s ride therein…


Hence ‘tis be fate

That offers bent,

Not just survive

But to give rise,

With singular pride

Meant reinvent,

For this ultimate ride!


“ Predicting ” ~ the morrows ~


If I should teetotal

As teetotallers would,

Thus so to foretell,

I’ve no doubt I could

As tassology teachers

Of tea leafers sell,

Predicting a future

Believe they can tell,

That ensues but good

Hence all’s to be well,

Yet having less core

Than cliché white lies

Might easily score,

Crossing ones heart

And hoping to die,

May have more worth

Than rather vague seed

Predicting the morrows,

With hopeless word deeds!


“ The Last Day ” ~ a meagre instant ~


There is a time

Life means  reach

The end of the line,

Hence the last day

Destined be so,

And matters not

If rain or shine,

It’s meant to follow,

While every thought

Will be defined

By what you lived,

And that of self

You chose to give,

For in the end

All you now face,

Be the last day

Thus to take place,

A meagre instant

Left of life’s race!


“ The Life I Had ” “ a degree of worth ”


The life I had

Was somewhere

Tween a measure

Of faint pleasure,

And reality

Seen as treasure

One wants hold…


While part blind,

A degree’s worth

Of life yet there

I made to find,

That bent of me

In shadowed times…


Hence so rewind

Meant to inspire

My buried soul,

Reach out to hold

A now sage mind

Wants to live bold,

In that real world

Of the life I have!


“ Gone Fishing ” ~ spring feast or fast ~


In waters shallow

I see a fish fellow,

Eying reflections

Of a lure’s offering

It assiduously ogles,

And wants englut,

Tho chance be caught

In this spring feast

And fishermen’s lot,

When fish ought  fast

If they wish to survive,

Thru this one sided plot!                        ode to Doc MG