“ The Butterfly ” ~ not a frivolous fellow ~

Butterfly fluttering,

Leisurely floating

Dressing the sky,

Fitfully dancing

Shifted in currents

By breezes on high,

Ever so pleasing

You thus invent

Gently trapezing,

And softly you fly…


On wings of grandeur,

Your beauty defies,

And rainbows pale

To the colours you sail…


Not a frivolous fellow

This butterfly wonder,

As soon he’ll not show,

Deserting the sky

When summer lets go,

For here he would die!


“ To Start Again ” ~ for joy or chagrin ~


If I were to start

Again from the crib,

Though risk to cart

What I have lived,

Yet offer attains

All I’d not found

A first time round,

Why not be willing

To start again…


Life gives promises

It rarely keeps,

Rife with hazards

From the first heat,

When we’d no say

Except to embrace

Whatever the spin,

Which did in time

Reveal its chagrin,

Layering the mind

Of abandon’s sin,

Till one so chances, 

To test joy’s worth   

By starting again!


“ I The Bumblebee ” ~ be hymenoptera that bombinates ~


I am the bee

Happily plump,

Bumbling about

In a furry rump,

Among the flowers


In sunshine’s power,

Unless it showers,

But ever proud

I hum aloud,

A charming fellow

In black and yellow,

With pollen plenty

To kiss the flowers

No matter the many,

Will so spread life

That all be mellow,  

And innately so

For I the bumblebee! 


“ Time ” ~ a perfidious ruse ~

There be a day

You least expect,

A perfidious ruse

Will be the cause

Time slips your mind,

And you then fear

You may have left,

Some precious years

Of life behind…


So little time

To gorge on life,

One overlooks

And suffers blind

Neglected days,

Since left behind

To waste away…


So if you wait

For time to pass,

Or let life choose

How it should last,

You will have played alas,                                                    

In time’s perfidious ruse!


“ Labels ” ~ of designer fables ~



Of designer fables,

Latent oubliettes

To cover flaws

Meant to forget,

Thin façades

Fixed to disguise,

The veiled reality

Of devious wise, 

Designed to cover

Their obvious lies…


Free-ride labels

You’re but lags,

Sad symbolic tags

That camouflage,

To validate

Ye trendy fables

Less than able,

Left to hide

In the shadows

Of deceptive labels!                                ode to IPL defenders


“ Failure ” ~ a venture into hell ~


If I have failed,

That you not hear,

My less than lucid

Words unclear,

Think me not stupid,

Lacking thus


Once robust,

As time now holds

I am to suffer

Tastes of failure…


Thus I ought tell

As I so venture

In this nadir,

What I want share

That you need hear

Now more often

Strangles there,

Between my mind

And memory’s lair,

Silenced sadly

In senescent hell!


“ Life ” ~ sent my way ~


I might’ve stayed

To linger there

Nigh every day,

If reason made

To suffer yet,

The passion

I thought find,

Had so survived

A mindless habit

Caused me blind,

Enough to stray…


Uncertain since,

But despite doubt

I boldly chose  

To stay about,

As mind awoke 

To recognize

The gift of you,

Life sent my way,

Hence find admit

Fate meant us fit,                                                                    

And thus aware

I should forever stay! 


“ Daunting Memories ” ~ borders the abyss ~

Scarce be a place

From which to hide,                     

Or even find

To stem the tide

Of daunting memories…


No exorcising side

For musings

Now gone wild,

Forcing me outside

A life I’d visualized,

Yet time chose decide

I’d not survive,

Memories ever fazing…


I’ve no schemes

Would tempt divide

By ingenious means

To suffer grief away,

No apparent find

To rid the disarray,

Of a mind amiss, 

Else reason binds

To border the abyss

Of daunting memories!                       ode to Claude V