“ Dementia ” ~ a way to go ~


When time is near

Accretion wants clear,

What we’d so stored

Or kept without accord

In reverie or deed,

Now seeks mnemonic ear

To rule on dire needs

Of memory yet sane,

Soon fated to erode

Endured unlikely road

Ignoring alleged shame

May well be seen a gift,

Said but a way to go

Beyond mind suffered pain

Save be dementia’s frame!


“ Yesteryears ” ~ fading from clear ~


I yet agnize,

The voices

I still hear,

Their faces

I might see

As if now here,

Of people

Who now gone

Feel ever near,

Thus to compose

What had become

Of yesteryears,

Reminding me

Of what was dear,

But time alas so chose

Those yesteryears,

Now fade from clear!


“ Man’s Mind ” ~ of dubious matter ~

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            There are opinions

We can but doubt

What matter lives,

In a dissonant mind,

To evoke positive

Cognitive finds,

Would imply hold

Utilitarian encephalon,

In an oracular head

Brimming with inanity

And social indifference,

Who sadly compose

With cerebrum limits

Of dubious matter,

Spawn of lesser species

That of political venality,

Who offers but despair

To present century fare!


“ One Day Here ” ~ the next not ~


One day here

The next not,

An inherent pull

Said begot,

Has you gone

Somewhat fraught,

Be hardly mindful

Of surrounds,

Fate chose impose

Wills you bound

To board its purpose,

Hence to compose

You hold return

To haven born,

And so arrive

Thus feeling worn,

Tho far from decomposed!

                                                                                ode to Edgar Allan Poe


“ Man’s World ” ~ his 21st century rule ~


What we’ve attained

Said reprehensible,

Suffer man’s world

Affecting all creatures,

Of appetite incessant

In inhuman capacity,

Man pilots a wily aim,

For  insatiate rapacity…


Should you survive

This forced endure,

Of man’s taxonomy,

For failed sane fools,

Whose witless crazes

Of sanguinary drool,

Wants but discharge

A denouement barrage,

With care less penchant

For exercising cruel,

Thus you’ll be witness

As man’s world expires

In his 21st century rule!


“ Mirror, Mirror ” ~ off my walls ~


Mirror, mirror

You’re still here

Tho need be gone,

And off my walls,

As afore long

A wistful state,

Will soon befall

We potentates,

Narcissistic all…


Mirror, mirror


Your reflections

Now but smear,

Thus evermore

As useless gap,

To camouflage

My dwindling sap,  

So mirror, mirror

Room or hall,

Quick now damn it

Off my walls!


“ All Roads ” ~ lead to roam ~


A world I roamed

I hadn’t known,

Shaped memories

Of places dear,

Like ancient Rome

And mysteries

Of Tangier,

That reached beyond

A musing’s home,

Dreamed petit môme…


Now should I aim

Trip far from near

Caducity I fear,

Errs view erase

As if time passed

Best blur its face,

Save then again

I should be lured

By nomad tastes,

To roads unknown

That lead to roam!


“ My Other ” ~ the one inside ~


I might’ve listened

To my other,

The one inside,

Who chose bother

Act from within

This mortal hide,

To field the whims

Of reckless touts

I foolishly decide,

Whilst I ignore

Pernicious glitter,

Bound to ensue

Rents of flicker,

Amid dead spirits

Who seek solace

From things bitter,         

Having believed                                                                  

Choices be shrewd,

Instead of listening

To my other,

The one  inside!


“ While I Wait ” ~ a state of mind ~


It may well be

A state of mind,

While I wait

A place to find,

In just debate

Where we incline

To so admit,

We be the authors

Suffered create

Ego’s unfair myths…        


Yet hope within      

Coils to inspire,

A hazard share

Of ones chagrin,

That fosters claim

A measure fair

Of forgiven sins,

Thus dispels bane

The while I wait,

For mind to regain

What once was lived!