“ A Secret ” ~ I’ve to die with ~


I’ve had secrets

Rate not keep,

Some by and by

Merit not a peep,

And one or two

Made me so blue

I’d  gave a bye…


But I’ve a secret

Shades my life,

I’m made to keep

Tho cannot share,

Thus held to bear

In futile weep,

Without concede

While I’m awake

Or in my sleep,

A secret gloats

As my soul bleeds,

Yet stays afloat

And implies feed

Upon its need,

To be a  secret

I’ve to die with! 



“ Mental Silence ” ~ said nature’s alibi ~


There are feelings

You’d wish press

With words astute,

To thus express

Desperate wanting

Would find redress…


Yet what ensues

Holds but stated

Morose meaning,

Beyond the reach

That now inhibits

Once motor habits,

Said nature’s alibi

For mental silence!


“ A Matter Of Time ” ~ age ensures ~


It matters not

Young minds

Be muddled

In bedim matter,

Pap if be told

Be less than bold

But a short time,

For soon ensues

The fated trigger

Of full-term old…


Alas that play

Will find its way

And so intrude,

To nudge you budge

Tho somewhat rude,

Meant best to loose

Your garrotte hold

On fighting old,

And start to taste

Its wine’s allure 

As it unfolds,

Which age ensures

In a matter of time!


“ A Little More Time ” ~ save to mark time ~



A little more time

To recall a mood

I’d left behind,

When early in life

I’d been too busy,

Save to mark time…


A little more time

To live with candour,

Discover my other,

Whom I’d forsaken

For visions of grandeur…


A little more time

To make room for soul,

Treated more kindly

More wisely than bold…


A little more time

To shake free shock

That life passes blindly,

Overriding the clock…


A little more time

To share a measure

Of neglected kindness,

And taste the pleasure                                           

Of compassionateness…


A little more time

To recapture the scent

Of evocative memories,

With all of their follies

As life chose be meant!



“ Contentment ” ~ an enviable reality ~

I’ve so far lived

What may have been,

The in between

Something akin,

To sporadic measures

Of wistful pleasure,

Agleam wouldst seem

Alluding to contentment,

Said be for most

Achieved in but a dream…


Till now were times

I anxious to find,

This world abide,

Shared altruistic life

Might yet be mine…


Hence set behind

A past held fast,                                                         

I’d want be blind      

To feminine acuity,                                                       

Whose wisdom such                                                                        

Would foster love,           

Thru fate’s modality

Beyond the in-between,

A relevant contentment,

Be thus an enviable reality!

“ Cynicism ” ~ a political legacy ~


‘Tis but the hand

Of skepticism,

Politicos impart

The cryptic seed,

Which germinates

Its sorry feed

That instigates

Such pessimism,

While in the face

Of their betrayal

Cynicism flies,

To force impede

Inertia’s deed,

Chose let slide

Our trust naïve,

Turns to deride

Their legacy,

Now earth’s peril 

Would see it turn

To lifeless dust,

Before the end

Of meager ride

Life did provide!


“ Nobody Hears ” – a silent fear –

IMG_5157   Listen to audio

“ Nobody Hears ”

            – a silent fear –

Nobody’s here

Or now remain,

Who can recall

A time you’d hear

That lonely call,

Of a wailing train…

Nobody hears

Of fallen men,

In silent fear

Chose to board,

A moving train

Taunt be scored,

By razzing peers…


Nobody recalls

The men aboard,

Living in tatters

Said their afford,

From 30’s disaster

To ride the rails,

Desperate to find

That new deal bail…


Nobody tended

To marginal man,

And few could hear                

His hopeless stand,

As he rode the rails

In a half baked plan,

Save chance survive          

By toil of some kind,

But to thus stay alive

In the terrible thirties!    

   ode to Uncle Joseph Bernier

                                                       of Valleyfield and Huntington PQ

                                                        imperiled by 1930’s depression


                  © Jean-Jacques Fournier  



“ Umbilicus ” ~ on second thought ~


It’s a near duty

Beholding beauty,

This navel so bold

Of notable splendor,

A circular wonder

Enchanting this knot,

Be nature’s creation,

Alleged be assembled

A deliberate baffle,

Or should you insist

An abyss gone amiss…


I can but confess

The lady is blessed,

And fortune abides

Exposing with pride,

A mesmeric grin

And abdominal bide,

With all of the flair

Courage will bare,

To show ye therein

Her navel of beauty

Be not just a knot,

But rather a pearl

In the mist of a kiss,

Inlayed on the swirl

Of a velvety curl,

This umbilicus bliss!


“ The Lost ” ~ that so abound ~


In small cafes

I sit and watch

The sad array,

Of they who rove

And so abound

In scraggly drifts,

Each trying day

Seen as misfits,

Their daily round,

Whose sapping woes

Frames doleful lives…


I linger here

To write of life,

Might they rebound

The while describe

Their sad parade,

Save that they drown,

Has me compose

That, which defines,

Their faces fade,                                                                                

In darkest shades

Said have you blind…


Alas this potpourri

I see a poor writ play,

Yet façade of reality

Of wretched beings  

Moving mindlessly,

Searching for a soul                                    

Desperate to be whole,                                                                    

And on a likely ground 

Where being lost                                                                            

Be but for underground!