“ Man’s Season ” ~ be but one taste ~


Near all seasons

Of nature’s bent

Has a reason,

Most to feed

The next event,

Thus to embrace

A cycle of reinvent,

Save man’s fate

Who aspires reach

Time’s scant decree,

Yet his own season

Of ephemeral state,

Be of limited reason

We’ve but one taste!


“ A Failed World ” ~ by greedy design ~


I see images

Of inimicalness,


With purpose,

Of goading


From humans

Too worn,

Exuding despair

Exacted upon

By greedy design,

In a situate

Beyond unkind,

While exploiting

Denies insouciant,

As they shape

Fellowman’s fate,

To thus so fit

A callous world pit,

Leaving behind                                            

Obscured of hope

Beings of a kind,

Who shan’t survive

In a failed world

All but gone blind,

To bankers and brokers

And political jokers,

With their greedy designs!