“ On Wings of Cacoethes ” ~ a risky flight ~


You’ve been there

Times before,

Save you don’t care

To suffer reason

That explores,

So swallow pride

And pay the fare,

To climb aboard

As had before

For yet another ride,

On wings of cacoethes,

Hence risk anew

A now familiar plight,

For one more try,

Hopeful this flight

May find way round,

To get you where

Fate this time holds

You’ll see the light,

To get the point

And set things right,

Though risky flight

On wings of cacoethes!

                                                                                         ode to set things right


“ A Would Be Rebel ” ~ finds a cause ~


Would I not rebel be,

Now that life’s bent

Argues ‘tis time

We thus give vent,

As rebel true

Plagued ever so

By furtive minds,

Resolves wrench

The will to shed

Ones idle slumber,

And anger drench

Our lax intent

Till soul finds

Ample strength,

To live the edge

That will embrace

Rebellious state,  

Till erstwhile merit,

Finds cause tell

Our would be rebel,

We’ve near left hell!


“ Man In the Dark ” ~ a grand creation ~


Man self portrays

As creature grand,

And self anoints

Be greater hand,

For fellow beings

To so command,

An axiom event

Mankind to face

As a human race,

Be sobering thought

Held question begs,

This notion stark

Of bogus intention,

Whose grand creation

Keeps man in the dark!


“ The Eyes ” ~ beyond ~

The eyes had died

Yet mind did see

To guide the hand,

Would trace

With gentle touch,

The lines

And curves,

That shape

The contours

Of her face,

While in his soul

Where love endures,

Limn so the form

In consciousness,

And so a place

Wants fix the way,

Finds to embrace

A lucid picture

Means to stay…


He needn’t eyes

Nor even words

To hear her heart,

Tell of the place

Where feelings start,

And see her face

Thus so beyond

His eyes had gone!


“ A Human Being ” ~ an idiomatic fallacy ~


Perceived humane

This being said,

You may by now

Question believing,

The taxonomy

That implies

Man human,

Tho judiciously

We’ve come to know,

With wisdom

And much sorrow,

‘Tis a fallacious term

To deem man so,

That which cries out

An idiom mendacious,

For human-cum-being 

Be the product

Of a dissimilar germ

Fixed with misnomer,

A cant to obscure

Man’s ugly deeds,

Who masquerades

An idiomatic fallacy

As human being,

Portrayed decreed

Man noble mortal

Of mankind per se,

This most inhuman

Of earthly beings!