“ Gone Astray ” ~ from habitual places ~


The while I seek

Familiar faces

I try not stray

Habitual places,

For I so dread

If I should roam

Too far from home

I might return,

To find them flown

And in their stead

Darkness did rent,

To a ghastly bent

Crept up from hell

To fuss my head,

In an attempt

Lure so my bones

To join the dead…


The while I struggle

With uncertainty,

I best make haste,

To join the hardy                                                              

Who laugh at fate,

Man’s transient state! 


“ The Noctambulist ” ~ somnambulating ~

She stumbles out


Thus ambles about

In a sort of trance,

That chilling prance

Of noctambulism,

In this curious dance,

Appearing nefarious

As she moves askant,

Thru distorted phases

Knowing not where

Her journey leads,

Nor aware indeed

Of fatal dark places

From which to recede,

For this shadowy walk

Does incite discern

Disquieting deeds,

Where darkness takes                                                                    

The unwary noctambulist!


“ Blind Faith ” ~ for blind fools ~


I’ve found cause

Implying worth,

Yet question they

Who chose believe,

Thru blind faith,

In man made issues

That such at best

Belie substantiality,

Of purpose seems

Intended solely

For blind fools,

Who’ll ignore need

To apply reason,

Or fail to read

Neath the surface

Of abstruse deeds,

And without pause

Be blinded so

By the duplicity

That thrives exist,

In mans inherent greed!


“ The Vulture ” ~ man’s undertaker ~


I am the vulture,

Who seeks to feed

On what man leaves,

Now more than ever

In generous measures

Of munificent waste,

In varied assortments

For every bird’s taste,

Repugnantly vile

In voluminous piles,

Blended with progress

Of contaminate state,

Not to mention man left

All but breathable air,

And nigh potable water,

Once too pure and fresh!


“ My World ” ~ of want for time ~


This world of mine

Is now a place

Of want for time,

Its waning state

Of nascent space

I effort see,

But for the grace

Of memory’s hold

I’d ne’er again

Find to embrace

The splendour

Of its bold face,

In what now fades

Shy of a spritely pace  

Amid what I did feel,

And came to know

With wisdom’s peal,

That clings to hear

From fortune’s fate,

What might yet live

Therein my world,

Increasingly a place

Of want for time!


“ A Place Once Free ” ~ now but a memory ~


I’ve read of life

Said early times,

Of such a world,

Was known to be

A place then free,

Though sadly now

Be but a memory…


A world held then

Counted on trees

To feed the air,

Life did so need,

Thus to survive         

In nature’s ease,

Until man’s birth

Whose wily species

Would induce

All disregard,

And thusly  sly

Brought to its knees

Nature’s fragile ties…


The like composed,

Man’s wily road

Would but support

Self-serving ways,

And hence reward

Who chose to play,                           

Depriving those

Who would oppose, 

Hence rendered such

A place once free,

Now but a memory!


“ From Tears ” ~ of a dolour soul ~

I’ll tell you a story

More of a tale,

May leave you sorry

For it be on a scale

Of  sentient passage,

That can but come

From tears

Of a dolour soul,

Where one now finds

More than do cheers

In  life worn  time…


‘Tis a story of old

That reaches the soul

As awareness grows,

In life’s exchange

Of pleasure for pain,

Coming too fast

To instantly grasp,

While latter takes reign,

Tho the impact will pass

Its perception may not,

For but memory  lends

You’ll endure its attend,

What life  brings to the end!                                        a reflection


“ The Hall Runner ” ~ runs not ~


I’ve a runner

Runs not,

Not even a step,

A mat of sorts

In a weave

That cavorts,

Thus so conceived

As the hall runner…


Made so to go

From end to other,

Hence down the hall

Till it can reach

The opposite wall…


If you should ask

What of its task,

It’s but to cover

A floor said under,

Thus to walk over

Free of noise bother

For ladies in jumpers

Prancing in unders,

At times without,

Down the hall runner!


“ Living ” ~ more than less ~


I thought

I might

Be living

Smartly tight,

As I believe

In doing life, 

Just as I like,

Thus so compose

The kind of play

I need not sway,

To have my say,

If I am to delay

The onslaught

Of the fated day,

Hence to decide

The when or where

I so choose care,

To tell I’ve done

At least enough

There be some left,

After my bones

Had gone to rest,

When thus so bent

The more than less,

I’d counted myself spent!


“ Tristesse ” ~ for a lost friend ~


You’re overcome

For a lost friend, 

And feel the sum

That will not mend…


But destined days

Be now or then,

Held bits of when

Life let us share,

Its abstract fare

Till time ran out…


So do ye well,

To recall the gift

As a cherished kiss,

Then celebrate

That while shared,

And leave tristesse

For they not missed!