“ A Guest ” ~ in Satan’s lair ~


Born of a stay,

I’ll venture tell

Of a dared trip,

That looks in hell,

Thus a portrait

Of abject fair,

That of a guest

In Satan’s lair,

Thus on a toss

Ignoring the peril,

Where flames alas

Will cop one’s ass,

A temptress sets

To lewdly invade

The fading dream

Of one’s nightly rest…


Hence for angels

Pray not appear,

As they be devils

Hatched in fear,

Composing evils

For devil’s deeds,

By the near dead

Guests for his feed,

Soon meant to dwell,           

In Beelzebub’s hell!


“ Along The Way ” ~ finding who I am ~


Along the way

Of life to be,

Unsure of me,

I thought to find

The who it was

Inside my mind,

Might explicate

A question thus,

Of living doubt,

And so elucidate

The who I am

That be about,

If not the me

Others believe

They truly see…


The while I fail

To see said mine,

Mirrors the feel

Of wonted lines,

Akin to real,

I’ve this façade,

I need admit,

Then look ahead

To clues and time,

That may so fix

Before I’m dead,

Along the way,

A means that led

To finding who I am!