“ Of Memory ” ~ a test of time ~


Remember when

Memory was friend,

Not long ago

In child’s hood,

When he’d no need

Of adult understood,

The while did find

Be rid of time

For aberrant ways,

Tho soon to reach

Stage memory fails,

Said so to fashion

Less worthy tales,

Those tests of time

When memory ails!


“ The Darkness ” ~ my safe haven ~


The nether dark

Beneath the light,

Prompts me linger

Thru the night,

As twilight drifts,

To the shadows

Of a weary world,

That now awaits

A glimpse of dawn

 To view the morrow…


The while darkness

Wraps itself                 

About my person,

Be my safe haven

For a night I borrow!


“ Of Politicos ” ~ on second thought ~


Think ad infinitum

Ergo said gong,

Creates a sound

Seems without end,

That same old song

Played then again,

Ad nauseam long

Endlessly bound

To but so plague,

As Mephistophelian

And always vague,  

On second thought

Echoes of politicos!


“ Politician ” ~ on fitting creature ~

Once in a time

Said polite issue,

Ere may hold

Fitting creature

For politician,

Yet even then

The choice of men

Bared err in sight,

Told shy of brain

We’d but bemoan,

Their lack of train…


Tho ne’er too late

To try again,

For a new breed,

Save present bane

Of banana feeding strain!


“ A Guest ” ~ in Satan’s lair ~


Born of a stay,

I’ll venture tell

Of a dared trip,

That looks in hell,

Thus a portrait

Of abject fair,

That of a guest

In Satan’s lair,

Thus on a toss

Ignoring the peril,

Where flames alas

Will cop one’s ass,

A temptress sets

To lewdly invade

The fading dream

Of one’s nightly rest…


Hence for angels

Pray not appear,

As they be devils

Hatched in fear,

Composing evils

For devil’s deeds,

By the near dead

Guests for his feed,

Soon meant to dwell,           

In Beelzebub’s hell!


“ Along The Way ” ~ finding who I am ~


Along the way

Of life to be,

Unsure of me,

I thought to find

The who it was

Inside my mind,

Might explicate

A question thus,

Of living doubt,

And so elucidate

The who I am

That be about,

If not the me

Others believe

They truly see…


The while I fail

To see said mine,

Mirrors the feel

Of wonted lines,

Akin to real,

I’ve this façade,

I need admit,

Then look ahead

To clues and time,

That may so fix

Before I’m dead,

Along the way,

A means that led

To finding who I am!


“ The Enterprise ” ~ our untimely grave ~

I saw sun set

And see it yet,

Rise on the seas

That kept afloat

The enterprise,

I have been told

Meant keep alive,

Man ever bold

Who navigates

Without a soul,

Giant waves

That carries fate

In a ship’s hold,             

That blackish gold

Destined contaminate

Mankind whole,

The while helpless

In mind and soul,

We watch man dig

Our untimely grave!


“ A Summer Heat ” ~ spell risks abate ~


They barely move

In a consuming heat,

Their body bare,                                           

Now less than cool

From head to feet,

The while afloat

In errant duel

Seek to peak

In undulating streak,

To subside languidly

On dampened sheets,

Strive not to wane

That gentle sway,

 In sight of ecstasy…


Now nigh spent

Their will entreats

Its restless tide,

To not await

Spell risks abate,

To keep the course alive

In spite of summer heat!