“ The Face ” ~ in my mind ~


The face I see

If I should look

Intently so,

Its likeness

Staring at me

Be one I know

From years ago

Pre thirty-three,

Yet still can’t see

Abiding visage be

Beyond a score

Plus ten or more,

When melancholy

Told of bygone days,

That did assure

Past dances pure

Stay in my mind,

Sustained alive

Neath the surface

Of infinitude,  

A facsimile

That interfaces,

With life my circus

Of continuous change,

As time sculpts crags

Upon what’s mine,

Though what remains

In time’s erratic bane,

Be not the face

Lives in my mind!

“ Trapped ” ~ inside a feeling ~

You run to flee

A feeling

You’d held dead,

Never to reveal

The angry bent,

You so dread,

That of requite

Arguably lent,

One might believe

Scales balanced so

Thru baseless spite,

Could make amend…


But too soon


Inside a feeling

Not so dead,

An anxious mind,

For reasons

Long forgotten

Wants one’s head,

Thus so pell-mell

You scurry hide

Far from the hell

That calls you back,

For inexorably

Locked inside

You’re forced to face

Until subsides,

The hurt you brace,

Till you so reach

The courage to disclose

The matter bleak,

So trapped  

Inside a feeling,  

You be condemned                                      

To flee from self,

Until you find hate’s end!

“ And Man Created God ” ~ his fabricated myth ~


On seventh day

Man rested,

Yet thoughts

Of future goals

Had need for bold,

Thus he created god,

His fabricated myth

To wield control,

Hence with this prod

Of pettifogger cool,

And all the chaos

He’d so fashioned,

Would forever rule…


Alas a woeful fate

For guileless mortals,

Be tenet of this god

Of virtual existence,

For such dictates

Said living hell,

Save for chosen few

Sharing but the spoils

Of man’s misuse,

As long ago as when

The fairytale did tell,

Of god creating men!        
                                                                 ode to Reality