Who Will Know  – the road –


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Who Will Know  – the road –

Who will know
When we arrive,
The road to go
To thus survive,
As fellow human
Found yet alive,
Knowing naught 
Of who we follow,
Did find bestow
But dubious plan,
For a life hollow
We naïvely accept,
Tho so contrived
As inimical deed, 
The likes devised
By powers of greed,
We’d failed advised
Be iniquitous mislead!
© Jean-Jacques Fournier 

ov written in Sweetsburg
October 27, 2021

A Question of Time

A Minute
      - holds to life –

Be a minute
Fixed for life,
Tho submits 
Not all light,
Yet ‘tis habit
Despite blight,
For a minute
Day or night,
Of the many
So afforded,
Be but any 
Holds to life!                    

Any Which Way
               - you try -

Along the way
You’ll be aware,
On a given day
There by the by,
Tho offers stay
Suffers goodbye,
Yet goes astray
In kind you try,
Any which way!                                        

Another Minute 
	- be there a limit -

Another minute
Felling shorter,
Be there a limit
For cavorter,
In reaching old
Tho matter lends,
To extend whole!                                         

© Jean-Jacques Fournier

September 30, 2021

A Craggy Shell

            – begs not dispel –

How can one tell
If still of need,
Man’s craggy shell
Near gone to seed, 
Suggests farewell
And denies plead,
Begs not dispel 
The while he lives,
May find to dwell
Where soul outlives,
Said craggy shell
Tho mayn’t forgive,
Portends bordering hell!
						     written in Sweetsburg
						  © Jean-Jacques Fournier

An Image – wants be –

An Image

– wants be –

May not as ere see
That one may find,
An image wants be
Past life fixed time,
And beyond destiny
Said annals defined,
For no matter the plea
The gods remain blind,
To fate's hold ye not flee!

© Jean-Jacques Fournier

                      written in Sweetsburg
                            final October 5, 2021

            Excerpt of image by Stiller Beobachter 
                                         from Ansbach, Germany