The Simple Life ” ~ of free to be ~


The simple life

Be thus my plea

Of all that leads

To keep me free,

Of endless strife,

Hence too spared

Of empty words        

That I be freed

From covetous rule

Peopled by fools,

And ne’er be fixed

To sanguine creeds,

Like verbose drool

On unwary seeds,

Who feed their guile

Until made blind

By oracles that bind,

Would that their world

Be judged freedom

Far from the simple life,

Wants but be free!



“ A Breath ” ~ to say goodbye ~


Ever gently

Reaching to soothe,

The pain’s excess,

Eager her touch

Allays his agony,

To so delay

A waning breath,

That will not stay

Life’s cruel erosion,

Beyond the day,

While once more

Yet grasp he may,

Beyond fate’s reach,

‘Tis far too close

To death’s approach,

For destiny’s concede

Of one more breath,

Tho but to say goodbye!

                                                                                    ode to a young father

                                                                                    and younger mother,

                                                                                    when life was shorter…


“ A State Of Mind ” ~ for just debate ~


It ought to be

A state of mind,

To obligate 

For just debate

On acts unkind,

That author so

Another’s grief…              


Ache coils within   

To educe air

A cause chagrin,

Wants laid bare     

Malevolent sins,

To dispel bane

Finds to restore,

That which was worth          

Once lived before! 


“ Silence ” ~ the other side of bliss~


Must I forever hear

That willful silence,

Ever waiting                             

For an utterance

That might exude,

A sign of life

In words though few,

I’d endure suffer rude…                                             


If dubiety deigns mute,            

Might I propose

Recourse astute,

In shades betwixt

Verbose prolix,

Or emptiness imposed                                                

 In baleful silence…


A word I so implore,

Albeit beneath

The aural norm,

Matters not unclear

If but to hear,

Save from a silence

Of gratuitous veneer,

On the other side of bliss!                           ode to PHLOG IT camera girl                                   

“ Fear Of Living ” ~ wants summon courage ~


The fear of living

Encouraged flight,

Or demands fight

To wrestle demons

Who cheat us of light,

Wants summon courage,

For hedonistic life…


Ergo be rid

Of inertia’s bid

And reinstate daring,

Lest fear of living

Be injudicious

Allows destroy,

The whole of being…


Thus need objectives

Not be swayed,

By the proverbial theys

Who so feign credence

Invoking so, they say,

Be without reference 

Save lamentable staids,

Life hath so daunted

Would hold fear of living!


“ Men of The Sea ” ~ obdurate beings ~

On steel hull ships

Live obdurate men,

Of rusty hearts

And tempers short,

Whose tired grunts

Speak fitful streams

Of words bone thin…

With guarded eyes  

And gnarled limbs

They navigate,

The lonely seas

In life replete

With boding myths,

And nightly demons

Who so disrupt

The tattered dreams,

Said heard compose

Men of the sea!

“ A Woman’s Mind ” ~ a place of acuity ~


There’s a place

In their minds

Said acuity,

To see man’s face

Holds innate beauty

Tho ravaged by time,

While one  envisions

Viewing that state

Of craggiest cavities

May offer profundity,

One but surmises

That visage now mine

Laced of life’s crossings,

Somewhat serpentine

Be far from engrossing,

Tho eyes chose enhance

With compassion defined,

By a kind woman’s mind!


“ Fate ” ~ in Hades’ shadow ~


Why hold fate

Should so dictate

Our destiny,

With utter power

In its wake

To give or take,

Lest we viewed chose

Our own volition…


Why need fate hide

In Hades’ shadow

To do its bidding,

Meant so condemn

To undue end

Without fulfilling,

Just observance…


So go your way,

Of fate I say

Not of our making,

I’ll have my life

And live it as I may!