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Jean-Jacques Fournier is a native of Montreal, and has been living in Sweetsburg, of the Eastern Townships, in the Provence Québec since 2010 with his French wife Marianne. Prior to returning to Canada, he had lived for eight years in  the South of France, first in Vence, then in Grasse, the city of perfumes.

In the process of reinventing himself numerous times, his penchant for the language of poetry seemed best suited to express emotional experiences.

He has so far had eighteen books of poetry published, namely Issues – of black and white -, Matters – of body and soul -, Images – in shades and shadows -, Places – of loss and found ~, Obliquities – of a lucid mind -, Reflexions ~ of a probing eye,  Second Editions of all three, Issues, Matters, and Images,  Kaleidoscope – musings of life chronicles , A Hyphenated World – held fitting guise -, A Scent of Reality ~ be inherent perception ~, Held Instant ~ on life’s clock -,  Conjugated People – by shade – , and as of today, Chaos – a human side of man –   Love – by any definition -, Poetry in Brief – a day in a life -, and Poetry in Brief – a blissful silence – now available, along with all my aforementioned books,  in book stores in Cowansville and Knowlton or thru Lulu, Amazon books, and Barnes&Noble, and can be purchased on line by clicking on ‘My Books’ save for the first three or any of the aforementioned eighteen books not mentioned on the the three book sites, are also available via e-mail, by contacting  fon.int@sympatico.ca.

27 thoughts on “About Jean-Jacques Fournier

  1. I blog quite often and I really appreciate your writing.

    Your work has really peaked my interest. I am going to bookmark your blog and keep checking for new posts.
    I’ve also subscribed to your RSS feed.

  2. Its like you read my mind! You seem to understand your subject so well. I think that this is a great blog.
    An excellent read. I’ll certainly be back.

  3. I’m Michael Orlin Sigler and am really impressed with your writing abilities and also with the layout on your weblog. Anyway stay with the excellent high quality writing. It’s rare to peer a great weblog like this one today.

  4. What a wonderful place I have reached.I thought it more than good enough to promote on Facebook/gillianjanesims love the poetry and I can feel the inspiration flowing through the site.
    It would be a great pleasure to receive a poem or two from you.

  5. I am so happy we crossed path Jean Jacques, it is always a pleasure meeting a poet who creates magic with words. I love your poems and the way you paint your words on a canvas of vision that your reader can uniquely interpret and visualize in his/her own mind. Beautiful!

    • How nice of you to say Nadine… The very encouraging words you use to let me know your thoughts about my writing, is food for thought for we ever needy scribblers. It also reaffirms a sense of worth in what I find a need to share as to my feelings on the variety of issues I choose to explore through my poetic expressions. That it touches someone like you, the keeper of a poetic soul, with such creative abilities, makes receiving your acknowledgement of my work that much more pleasurable. Thus once more I thank you!


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    • Rebecca, this is my second attempt at a properly thanking you for this most touching and generous gesture. I apologize for my fumbling lack of seasoned computer technical expertise. It took my dear wife Marianne to lead me to this wonderful thing you have done. Now I can clearly see what you have done through your On The Road Book Club. Now enlightened what can I say but, WOW…I am indeed truly impressed for this magnificent display you have done of my book, and of course your beautiful words, to so eloquently describe my book and its contents.

      I can now only hope you’ll enjoy the book, as much as I enjoyed putting it together, as well as sending you a copy. Thank you again, my dear friend.

  7. Good morning, dear Jean-Jacques. I have stopped by to tell you of my joy, that is, the timely delivery of your “Kaleidoscope” in my hands, awaiting my arrival at home. I have already begun reading from it and must tell you of my impatient anticipation of getting your other books – though am in no hurry, as I want to savor first every poem of yours in this one. Wishing you the best, dear friend, always.

    • Well, first and foremost, I am most happy you stopped by, but of course equally so of your initial pleasure from the Kaleidoscope book. I can only hope that said pleasure will continue here and there throughout, and that one or two of the poems will touch you sufficiently to leave a lasting memory.

      Excuse a scribbler’s anxiety in wishing a special and dear friend’s pleasure. Jean-Jacques

      • Dear Jean-Jacques, “that said pleasure” is continuing with full strength, and not only “here and there”…and this admiring reader friend sees no reason to ‘excuse’ anything but rather she wants to express her appreciation for your utterly modest wording about it all.

  8. Dear friend, I am at sea…regarding the way through which I can reach you via e-mail/provide you with mine…would you believe the extent to which I seem to be losing my mind? With my best wishes to you in everything! And love! (Do please advise at your convenience…)

  9. I’m so honored that you found me at Holistic Wayfarer. Your writing is beautiful and enchanting. I play around with the poetry just a little bit and keep it hidden in a less public blog. It’ll probably stay there until I learn the technical aspects.
    I’m so glad our paths have crossed.

  10. Hello friend. I love your poems and I wish to get some guidance to improve mine. You have always been the first one to comment on my posts. But recently I didn’t receive your ideas on my post “Whats in a name” Do I need to improve somewhere? I may sound clumsy but sir I would love to have an idea for improvement. Thank you 🙂

    • OF course I approve !

      Ah you speak of Shakespeare and names seemingly not important in his writing, but one must not be misguided by his statement of “A rose is a rose by any other name”. For no matter how it translates or it is referred to, it affects one beyond its name, image of which remains imprinted in our memory because of its beauty, like any other thing or person of such beauty. Ergo you the poet qualifies in the manner of the rose, yet we humans hold curious as to who you are and of the name that may or may not express the truth of the matter.

      And so… Hello to you too my friend Singhanshita. Let me apologize for having neglected you and your on going inspiring poetry. You are no less in my thoughts for my neglect. But please do not feel singled out on that score, as I too have suffered the same neglect on my own work. Thus so because I have had other pressing matters, of which I must take care, and not even free to resume my own writing (with my book #14 near complete but still not finished) nor able to comment on such intelligent creative poetry as yours. Eventually I will do so again, and you will be first for me to read and comment on. In the meantime speak to me of your name Singhanshita1… how and who does she represent her name as a person other than a poet and the sensitive beautiful person as well as soul you project in your writing…?


      • I am so glad to get a response from such a beautiful and considerate soul.
        Well, my name Anshita means ‘god’s gift’ and still I am working to become one.
        Wish you luck for your writings and your upcoming book. Thank you so much.

  11. Update on bio… as of today June 12, 2022, now 18 books of poetry published, the last two being Poetry in Bief – a day in a life – and Poetry in Bief – a blissful silence – with book number 19 in pre-production.

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