Not a Cicada’s Kiss

in said tinnitus –

Not a Cicada’s Kiss

– in said tinnitus –

There is a buzz
In said tinnitus,
Unknown cause
To seek litigious, 
For forceful kiss
Ye want to leave,
Its incessant hiss
That causes grieve, 
Won’t even pause
This vexing sound, 
Not a cicada’s kiss
One may’ve found,
In a summer’s bliss...
Be echoes of hell
Aims sibilant feel,
As wouldst a bell 
With endless peal,
And thus, can tell
A tintinnabulum,
Of alternate stead
Will find torment,
Ye wretched head,
Tho best decapitate 
If one foregoes too late,
Homopteran’s migrates 
In guise of a cicada’s kiss,
You’d realize be godless fate!

© Jean-Jacques Fournier

written in Sweetsburg

July 29, 2021

Illusions – linger as traps –

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– linger as traps –

While illusions fade
In hues adrift,
Our imagings wade 
Bound as gifts, 
Over jagged thorns 
In silken wraps,
Found be adorned 
Linger as traps,
Propitiously borne
To last perhaps,  
The while to lie hid
Find not collapse,			                            		
As tho a laudable bid! 

               © Jean-Jacques Fournier  

Audio - Recital, by Jean-Jacques Fournier
Music – Adagio excerpt, by Johann Sebastian Bach 2:30
Imagery – Assorted, Personal & Public

 written in Sweetsburg                                         
July 15, 2021

A Poetic Trio – of fated time –

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A Mask

Will in time
Knit façade,
Like a mask
For the mind,
Blinds fate past!

Shades – of time –

Seem out of place
Fate’s shades of time,
Too soon effaced
A once upon sublime, 
Find lost in waist 
Humanity’s sad define,
Tho truth known 
Rashly yours and mine! 


          – adjudged end unknown –

As I recall now,
Of early dawn
The gods avow,
Scant paragon
Be held to end,
As I grow wise
Find so intend,
To forever thrive,
In minds eye norm
Be of fates trickeries,
Adjudged end unknown!  
                           © Jean-Jacques Fournier

All 3 poems, abridged for short version, 
written in Sweetsburg July 10, 2021
Music - Maurice Ravel, Excerpt of Sonatine 1
Imagery - Private & public
Audio Recital - Jean-Jacques Fournier

Brother – can you spare the time –

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       – can you spare the time –

The while not my bide
To thus beg for a dime,
For my perishing hide 
Too soon had its time,
Hence afore I’m dead
Mightn’t one not tout,
If you hadn’t yet read
I am no more about,
For ominous debate 
May but allow doubt,
Afore I be deaths bate 
Ought find while alive,
Can you spare the time,
A word or more tho late
To be that brother mine!

                           ode to a lost brother…

		                   © Jean-Jacques Fournier
Recalling those stories
Of the great depression,
In 1929 to 1933 to WW2
Be common to the times,
Being prelude to ill ease 
Found compose a poem,
Implores please, Brother 
Can you spare a dime, 
As the situate entreats
Thus to spare the time!

Images - Private & public
Music - Misery, by Jani Ukkonen
Audio recital – Jean-Jacques Fournier

	             ov written in Sweetsburg
	                   January 19, 2013
                            abridged edition 
                              June 21, 2021

A Morrow – too soon –

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A Morrow

– too soon –

Now but afternoon
In lifetime destiny,
Be forever too soon
For morrow apathy,
Ye’d aspire for room
To ignore life’s brevity,
Thus minimize its gloom
That seeks invade our sanity!
		A reflection on life ever fleeting, 
                          in the wake of an adversary,
	                        known as annual anniversary… 
                 © Jean-Jacques Fournier

V2 written in Sweetsburg 
June 12, 2021

Music - Funeral, by Zurida
Imagery - Wikimedia Commons
Audio Recital – Jean-Jacques Fournier

The Sounds

  – of nature –

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I can remember
Hearing the sounds,
Till late September
Most to be found,
Echoes near all
Held us spellbound,
Yet soon to recall 
To be put aground,
For shy of enthrall  
Be mans contrives,
Wouldst thus anoint
With noise devised,
Beyond human point
To render us deaf,
He’d fashion disjoint
What life has left,
Of the lullaby sounds
Once natural to nature!  

                 © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Images - Marianne Dessis ...
Music – Adagio Albinoni ...
Audio - Jean-Jacques Fournier ...

			                written in Sweetsburg
			                        June 7, 2021

Blunder, Bar and Bond

– be notions of life –

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Blunder, Bar and Bond

– be notions of life -Blunder

Plagued we are
By yet another,
Held gone too far
Be trying blunder,
Tho per chance par
There ne’er be other!

By raising the bar
To reset your goal,
You exceed by far
A weakening hold
That could so mar,
A bid to live whole!

Incline assume
The gods so tend,
Bonds we groom 
May bear a friend,
With they in whom 
Affection finds send,
A life ye want to bloom!
                 © Jean-Jacques Fournier 
                        Written in Sweetsburg, May 26, 2021
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Music - excerpt - of Promised Land...
Audio - recital - Jean-Jacques Fournier...   

Growing Up – a poetic trio –

For they who remember, growing up – sooner – athwart or later

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Growing Up
        - sooner -

Growing up sooner
Exacts a dearth, 
Be of cold derision
And hardly worth,
It inhibits dreams	
Try as we might,
Shed light it seems
On growing plight,
We’d want to defer
A predictable sight,
Of life’s end in blur
Be its ultimate night!
Growing Up
      - athwart -

Thence but a day
More I can sway, 
Suffers held toss 
Journey’s delay,                                                   		  
Whatever it cost 
To arrange way,
I need not barter
Or nor be tarred,
For rather sooner
May well find fate,
Hence to reassure  
Be end of athwart!
Growing Up 
        - later -

Looking back
Older too fast, 
Be force haste 
Much far past, 
Holds impugn
Age soul state, 
Find new tune
Of lasting taste,
Best to nurture
Not rely on fate,
Lest you so capture
Fix growing up later!
© Jean-Jacques Fournier            
written in Sweetsburg  May 9, 2021

Imagery - Personal & Public 
Music - Pedestrians, by Duke Herrington 
Audio - Jean-Jacques Fournier

Life – is but a moment –

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– is but a moment –

‘Twas said life starts 
With a great holler,
Then sixty seconds
You’d grown taller,
As time beckoned
For a minute later,
All sixty of the hour
You’d hear mention,
Heads to twenty-four
Er be a day’s attention,
Like the budding flower 
Has sunshine’s intention
In day’s bloom to discover, 
For if the gods aim so ye last
One may find feel to be a lover,
Afore life is but a moment passed! 

                               © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Music - Paris Jazz
Imagery - assorted private & public
Poem Recital - author, Jean-Jacques Fournier

						written in Sweetsburg
 						       April 22, 2021