“ Faces ” ~ without basis ~


I see faces

In odd places

More than sad,

Too complacent

To be mad,

Like the others

Quite indifferent

To the current,

That inhabits

Their façade…


Empty faces

Without basis,

Of expressions 

Said despair,

Like a painting

Of a landscape

Rather tainted,

Tho quite bare…


Mortal faces

Seeking refuge

From raw spaces,                                                      

Not inhuman

But unreal,

From distortions

Made surreal,      

In a world

Shaped by man! 


“ Forget Me ” ~ forget me not ~


Forget me not

While I am here,

Tho when I’m gone

Know I inclined

To be far more

Than but a figment

On your mind…


Forget me when

Any trace

Of an embrace,

Seems to vanish

In the hazy mist,

Of a  last kiss…


Forget me then

As so you must,

To thus so reason

I’m out of season,

But forget me not

For just a bit,          

That you find fit,

To deem recall

My once the while,

Repentant smile!


“ Distant Faces ” ~ etched on my mind ~


There are traces

Of distant faces,

Forever etched

On my mind,

Hence to adorn

A place of musing,

Till memory falters

And falls beyond

Images altered,

When one’s recall

Will scarcely note

The fading traces,

As the road bends

To where life ends,

Which for all men

Be the distant face,

Of an unknown place!


“ Dancing In The Dark ” ~ with unanimity ~


In the magic of night

You may find a place,

Said has unanimity

That dance does sing,

The while it swings

To find a rhythm,

Will curve around

Held silken grooves,

And thus so compel

To thread the links,

That makes to compose

The nimble potion,

One can but see

Lives there within

The graceful motion,

Of innate dancers

Who bring to life

Such mellow steps,

That move so tight

They spark a daring          

Which so ignites,

All hence be wanting

To dance in the dark!


“ Chaos ” ~ betwixt was and be ~


If gallimaufry

Finds in oddity

Chaos to be me,

It’s but betwixt

A was and be,

Aspiring by degree

To surface real

 And rather orderly…


Thus so this chaos

That was me,

Existentialistic curl

Of earlier survival,

Did so lead

To chaotic disarray

Filled with hollows, 

And complexities

In murky shadows,

Then order of the day…


Sentient in fashion,

Like an automaton

Vacantly in shallows,

I reach out for reality

To still this life of chaos!


“ Breaking Rules ” ~ that favoured fools ~


I can yet think

Of years misused,

Forced to ignore

Such clever ruse

That favored not

Being explored,

And so abused

Left us indifferent

To breaking rules,

Thus giving way

To satisfying

Our aspirations,

Might offer why

We did survive                                             

Beyond an easy alibi…


Of breaking rules

We set the bar,

Avoiding lures

That favored fools,                                 

And might abide

Impede our stride,

If memory serves

Most rules that be

We’d broken every three,

With honorable intention!


“ The Prodigy ” ~ of conception ~


I’ve travelled since                                                 

Beyond that birth,

I could not know

In mother’s darkness,

A black night’s swallow

Taking life form

To journey my way out,

Pushing thru a state

Of her laborious pain,

Till life flails about

For reasons hazy

I know not to explain,

Or why now be without

The comfort of her reign…


Thus epoch thin

That underside,

Of child’s memory

Natures proscribe,                              

Where life begins

Tho details of a million

Must stay afloat

In shadows left within,

Yet matter of account

Survives not giant step,

As bond to womb dissolves

And blurs its natal travel,

To vanish at birth’s arrival…


Alas the comfort

Of birth’s darkness    

Long ago abandoned,

Now too lies buried

In a gentle mother’s grave!


“ Ambiguous ” ~ so how to know ~


Your expressions

Are not clear,


To tears,

Your intentions

Seems to me

Could be judged

At times I fear,

Thin as veneer…


So how to know

You’re wanting

To be lucid,

And endearing

When you’re near,

As long as you shall stay

Be an hour or a day,

Ambiguous my dear!