“ Shovelling Clouds ” ~ for dreams he dares ~

He’s not immune

To implausible dreams,

Those he dares

Meant be so bold,

He’ll forego care

That be not in tune,

To imaged notions

Of man-made reason,

For his give life

To every season…

Shovelling clouds

He clears a path

Thru stayed emotions,

That but dictate

One ought fear life

Of dreams that urge

We build a world

With clouds of wonder,

Thus so forsaking

Man’s dreary rituals,

He’ll shovel clouds

To so lay bare

The dreams he dares!    

                              © Jean-Jacques Fournier      

                      Ode to Denis Chagnon

“ The Crow ” ~ in endless flight ~


I am the crow,

In a grave

Dark world,

A soul in plight

Black as the night,

Forced to live

An endless flight,

Looking for a path

To the freedom I seek,

As anxiety nears

This wizened meek,

Who’ll suffer hell

Or fly with the devil

For a ray of light

That shows way clear,

To end one’s journeys

In the dead of night!


“ The Dancer ” ~ a devil upstairs ~


I’d know the music

Just by listening

To the patter

On the floor upstairs,

And the pulse

That cajoles her feet

To a mystifying beat,

For she capers

Like it matters

With melodic flair,

In a rhythm she adorns

Be the center of a storm,

Frenzied to a level

That shan’t be mistaken

As a dancer who conforms…


She’s a devil I can tell

As her dance casts a spell,

Thus follow I with ease

If she decides to leave

Tho it led me right to hell,

Just so I can listen

To this dancer’s patter,

On the floor upstairs!


“ Reflections ” ~ of a changing eye ~

He still sees clearly

The laughter

In her eyes,

Often times

Meant but to hide

The anguish

Felt inside,

Or to hold back

A mother’s tears

When in its stead

A warm embrace

Would take its place…

While yet unknown

As sheep said black,

Set to make tracks

Upon a world untried

He’d soon discern

Life’s perilous facts

Bids not an easy ride…

More than enough

Of life’s reflections,

He thus awakens

To look back

On years ago,

Where lines of colour

Now so blurred,

He barely sees

The faded image

Of what he’d lived,

Ever more obscured,

Thru reflections

Of a changing eye!                           Ode to mothers…

” A Bold Feeling ” ~ whispered ~


A bold feeling

Has not so many

Liberal days, 

Free of inhibiting

Worthy sway,

When sceptic minds

Ignore the freedom

Of emotive ways,

That bold feeling

Which whispers

Of its presence,

And has you feel

More than alive…


So reach out

To such a gift,

That it should stay

If ‘tis your wish,

In spite the risk

Want be in vain,

That a bold feeling

Whispers not again!


“ Across The Table ” ~ I see light ~


I question why

The best of life

Be ephemeral,

And chose be late,

Thus in no haste

To hear the voices

That decry

The slower pace,

To reach in time

That treasured place,

Where equipoise

Finds peace of mind,

Tho meager space

This longed for state,

When man rejoices

From wisdom’s take,

Which will but come

In the twilight

Of his journey…


And so I look

Across the table,

Where I see light

Reflected bright,

In eyes that tell

Of the best in life,

I’ve yet to live!                                               Ode to Marianne D

“ Musings ” ~ that feed my mind ~


I might’ve been aware

There’d be a day,

When musings then

That feed the mind,

Could end,

Thus ne’er to reach

Its destiny,

And tho the thought

‘Twas meant be there

To foster the way,

A durable stay

Would be no longer,

Its journey gone astray…

Alas my musings

Of minor import

And meagre birth,

Or modest merit,

Some bent so odd

Did come to naught,

But thoughts they be,

And some of which

Destined to build,

Perhaps of worth

To spark ones will,

Would’ve so fashioned

A rare but noble thrust,

To achieve a notability,

Tho now an egress lost

Would fail to reach,

Such musings

That fed my mind!

The Hawk ~ not a devil’s soul ~

I am the hawk,

Not a devil’s soul

Seeking to swallow

Whatever life holds,

I can fly or glide

By a rich man’s side,

The while I express

My freedom best

On the wind I ride,

Tho choose not thus

In this my kingdom

What man will lust,

Hence the prey I seek

I’ll not hoard spoils

For greed’s replete,

Like man deems fit

To exploit the weak,

Be they man or beast!


The Reunion ~ of a soul unread ~


I’d come full circle

With my existence,

And in the process


The long absence

Of a functioning soul…


Having once wagered

With the devil,

To challenge his evil

And supposed power,

I felt so bold

As to believe

I’d be too strong

For him to hold,

Yet thus for naught

My reckless bid

For I did loose the lot,

And so my soul

Remains well hid

In Lucifer’s control…

With meagre aspirations

I plot to recover

My soul in devil’s stead,

The while I remain

Feeling short of dead,

In Lucifer’s domain

As I seek reunion

With a soul unread!