“ Looking ” ~ from inside out ~


From inside out,

I see a face

Has me in doubt,

Though I know

It’s me inside and out,

I fail discern

This face be so,

As one I’d worn

The many years

Since I was born…


As lines of time

In crags so shape,

Thus bared façade

Conjures adverse,

Allows one see

Life be perverse…


Hence though I gaze

With woeful eyes,

The while I fantasize

At once arresting face,

Now to imagine wise

Mind so disguised

That I should visualize,

Looking from outside in!

“ The Fate ” ~ of a dying wind ~

If you hear

The sound of me,

You’ll discern

The wind I be,

As I expand

My fleeting

Helix spree,

Thus you’ll hear

The ireful tale,

Wants express

My indignation,

Though in excess

Of any disguise,

To echo best

A woeful tale,

That so bemoans

The boding fate

Of a dying wind!