“ Beyond Reach ” ~ a voice too far ~

I can scarce hear

A voice too far,

Now beyond reach

Undoubtedly fading,

Thusly I fear

I’ll find in time,

The voice that died

Must have been mine,

For shout or screech

No one appears,

Who can tell I am not here

And thus beyond reach,

Too far to see or hear!

“ Falling ” ~ too fast ~

I’ve a feeling

I’m whirling

Like a leaf

In the wind,

Drifting round

Not knowing

If I’m to be found…


As I fall

From on high,

It’s as though

Life signs

Once mine

Have gone dry,

Tho I shout

None about

Pays mind,           

As they gaze

Thru their maze

Of eyes dead, 

While resigned

Be my stead

Life shan’t last,

As I’m falling too fast!