The Sounds

  – of nature –

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I can remember
Hearing the sounds,
Till late September
Most to be found,
Echoes near all
Held us spellbound,
Yet soon to recall 
To be put aground,
For shy of enthrall  
Be mans contrives,
Wouldst thus anoint
With noise devised,
Beyond human point
To render us deaf,
He’d fashion disjoint
What life has left,
Of the lullaby sounds
Once natural to nature!  

                 © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Images - Marianne Dessis ...
Music – Adagio Albinoni ...
Audio - Jean-Jacques Fournier ...

			                written in Sweetsburg
			                        June 7, 2021

4 thoughts on “

  1. Thank you, Paulette! I’m well aware of our now addictive needs for progress of noise making mechanisms in assorted machines. All of which that produce what is supposed to make life easier, better and more comfortable, save faster and shorter, but also at the expense of hearing natures’ extraordinary natural sounds. Sounds up to and including that blissful peaceful silence, drowned out by man made deafening noises. Alas, in the name of that so called progress.

  2. A brilliant rendition, Jean-Jacques. The music and photography added a gentleness to your message. Marianne’s designs are amazing!! We live in a world of technology that will continue to influence how we relate to nature. Your first lines are especially poignant: “I can remember Hearing the sounds….” We must remember, Jean-Jacques – we cannot stop remembering.

  3. Thank you, Rebecca, and thus so we live in a world of technology, and that aspect of life on this planet at this point, has managed, on the minus side, to put us in a precarious position, ecologically speaking, at least for generations to follow, let alone my minor point on the sounds of nature. Yet an important element that compose the overall, that for now still allows us to live and survive on our planet earth. At the rate we are moving to protect our world with political promises and greed mongering humans, of i.e. cutting back on pollution, we may even get to witness the begining of a second post dinosaur era, this time a miniature version of said creature, called man continuing the destruction. If we sit by saying nothing, what and who will motivate finding the doers to act rather than talk. Just being the agitator, in my minuscule way, on the basis of every little bit counts, though long after I be no more!

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