“ Living Life ” ~ as if forever ~


I want to walk

As if forever

I’ll be around,

I want to feel

The texture                                                            

Of the ground,

Before it’s buried

In man’s ruins,

I want to know

The air I breathe

Is held be sound…


I want to taste

Of life

Thus so devour,

Each morsel

Of every shade

And colour,

I want to smell

The fragrances

That embraces

My existence,

Till no longer

Thus living life,

As if forever!


3 thoughts on ““ Living Life ” ~ as if forever ~

    • I’ve loved Kahill Gibran since I read my first verse. There is a picture of a leather-bound book of his work on the cover of my fourth published book of poetry. Thank you for linking my “Living Life”~ as if forever ~ poem to this man’s great words. JJ

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