“ A Thought ” ~ I beg hold ~

On my mind

Be a thought

I beg hold,

Plead ought

Despite told,

Stated recall

Running cold,

As age’s gift

Aims uphold,

Its fated way

To so define,

A wary play

For its time,

Be a thought

In grey mind,

Slipping away

Denied bind,

Despite sway

Means to find,

Its abject guide,

That it may stay

As thought of worth ,

To indulge fading days!

                        © Jean-Jacques Fournier



“ A Last Goodbye ” ~ gives reason pause ~


One wants believe

All we’ve achieved,

Would but forever

Live and breathe,

That fate abide

We share the lot

With those in need,

Thus to subscribe

In mindful cause

Be worth’s provide,

Before a last goodbye!


“ Of Wishful Thinking ” ~ be time wasting ~

Wishful thinking

Has me wonder,

All the while

Be time wasting,


In the waiting,

Of held worth

Be deeds such

For life’s living,

That encourages

Doing something,

While fate decides

Blindly reaching

Shan’t abide,

Nor merits not seek

To access life giving,

As its elements deplete

Till empty be world wide,

Thru callous man’s apathy

And wastefulness implied,

Of wishful thought absurdity!


“ Looking ” ~ to question worth ~


At sagacious thought,

That questions

Worth of ones own,

Thus to have been sown!


“ Looking ” ~ for a thought ~


For a thought

Be mine,

Wisest of the lot

Held depict mankind,


So be judged

In time,


Of the shadow

One may find,

It cast upon my grave

Tho no matter, if survives

To keep its worth alive,

As a thought wants saved!



“ The Rain ” ~ a summer’s rain ~


I walk the rains

Never gloomy

Neither pained,

From a summer rain

Wants clear the air

And feed my brain,

To find ones way

Thru enigmatic worth,

Of life’s short lane!







“ Still Life ” ~ of some worth ~

Time images

Scenes of life

That stills

My feelings,

And textures

What I’ve lived

That I might know

To savour,

The meagre harvest

Yet worth living,

In a world

That may well die

Before I access

What remains,

Composed thus so

In a still life

Tho of some worth,  

Too soon be mine!