“ If Life Should Be Forever ” ~ might this hold being free ~

If one could live forever

Might this hold being free,

Or confuse so the measure

Of a wishful thinking spree,

Else be of bent mind clever

The while deny bid’s plea,

To objurgate a moot debate

On life spans short decree,

By the gods of fixing fate

Who exact this mortal fee,

On mankind destined state

Beckons thus eternal sleep,

Tho beg delay expiry date

We’ve to exit existence’s keep,

Lest this life should be forever!


“ Man Shapes ” ~ extant state ~

I see man shape

His self-decline,

Tis no surprise

Wants to escape,

This baleful bind

Free of bent state

Of herculean find,

His legacy spent

Now so apprised,

Suffers implied

Thus to surmise

Intervention failed

We’ll not survive,

His egoistic whims

Shaping our extant state!

“ Every Season ” ~ has a reason ~


Every season

In nature’s bent,

Finds purpose

For renewal,

That celebrates

Each wont advent

Not as infinity’s rival

But a cycle of revival…


Yet we creatures

Suffer brevity

Of a single stay,

A hoped-for reach

Though time decreed

Life be held brief,

And so ephemeral

Deemed beg amend

Wouldst be in vain,

To imitate seasons

That never fully fade,

Thus likely  reason

Life then returns again!


“ Mirror, Mirror ” ~ on the wall ~


Mirror, mirror

On the wall

Hard to show

My face at all,

You make it seem

Like it was mauled …


Mirror, nearer

Your torment,

Can have me cry

And looking bent,

Instead of shy                                                                     

Of seeming spry

As I had meant…


Mirror, closer

You discuss,

A weathered face

Made hopeless case,

As craggy crust, 

Shows in its place…


Mirror, mirror

You violator

Of melancholy state,

Alas to so deface

What shan’t be salved

Thru your efface,

Or torturous onguent

Inflicts a malfeasant!