“ I The Frog ” ~ croaks ridit ridit ~


I am the frog

Who basks,

With delight

In noonday sun,

Or on hot nights

Croak ridit ridit,

In pale moon light…


While bugs I seek

The while awake,

I’ll gobble my fill

Held within reach,

And croak along

Till when I sleep…


Thus whilst I wait

Will stay afloat,

Till bugs abound

Be my day’s hope,

And hence till then

Am a frog at bay,

Croaks ridit ridit

On a frog given day!



5 thoughts on ““ I The Frog ” ~ croaks ridit ridit ~

  1. Your frog croaks along until someone “croque” its legs….

    Fun poem and I am a connaisseur…..a French froggy!

    • Ah, connoisseurs, indeed a gift to society and our collective taste buds! However in this instance I was dealing more with the poetic aspect of the summer cycle of our musical fellow creature. More about they’re trying to stay alive for the duration of the season, in the process of voicing its musical talents. This long before landing on the culinary menu of my fellow ancestral dégustateurs. In any event I do thank you for showing another side to my poetic ramblings, about what remains of our planet’s once plentiful nature. Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • Sorry about that. However I am a poet, not an electronic communications technician, so I can’t help you with your phone problems. Either use a computer or an iPad, or contact WordPress.

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