The Sounds

  – of nature –

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I can remember
Hearing the sounds,
Till late September
Most to be found,
Echoes near all
Held us spellbound,
Yet soon to recall 
To be put aground,
For shy of enthrall  
Be mans contrives,
Wouldst thus anoint
With noise devised,
Beyond human point
To render us deaf,
He’d fashion disjoint
What life has left,
Of the lullaby sounds
Once natural to nature!  

                 © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Images - Marianne Dessis ...
Music – Adagio Albinoni ...
Audio - Jean-Jacques Fournier ...

			                written in Sweetsburg
			                        June 7, 2021

“ Trials And Tribulations ” ~ of a thousand wingless doves ~


There are trials

And tribulations,

From creaking doors

To warped thin floors

In wilted habitations,

Where one beneath

Hears agitated feet,

That prance about

Like an apathetic lout,

Tapping with a beat

Of volume far above,

An infernal noisy flock

Of a thousand wingless doves…


Oh blissful silence

Why dost thou forsake me!