“ Puzzling ” ~ with longevity ~

Not for a life time

But of time alive,

Fate holds be mine

To explore demise,

As nature’s design

Of erudition drive,

For a human assign

In a complex devise,

Be suspect durability

That we want define,

Ceding be its brevity

Ought facilitate mind,

For its one only life

In a scant fix of time,

Has man ever puzzling

Till he realized best not find,

He was born to indeterminate end

With longevity be as fate so inclines!


                                                                        © Jean-Jacques Fournier


“ The Child ” ~ questions of longevity ~

Of a liveable world

Once meant for all,

What can remain

Of yet to fall,

With man’s excesses

And phlegmatic legacy

Suffers the child,

Who now has need

Question longevity,

As wary he be

Of human appetite,

Over indulging

Self-serving wants,

Fatedly damning,  

The child’s survival!