“ If Only ” – ‘twas wishful thinking –

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If only

‘Twas wishful thinking,

Of probable reality

Evidenced an inkling,

Mightn’t so endorse

That of every wish,

Be credible of course

Save the odd amiss,

Held dreamers

Of likely myths,

Be dubious design

Confounded as a gift,

Questions waste of time…


If only

Suffered wanting,

Said ‘twas wishful thinking

Be thus understood,

One may not be bidding

For mind games’ likelihood!


                                        o.v. written in Grasse

                                                       © Jean-Jacques Fournier


6 thoughts on ““ If Only ” – ‘twas wishful thinking –

  1. Ah, the idea of wishful thinking has always fascinated me. When we daydream, is that wishful thinking? When we plan, is that wishful thinking? There is a fine line in being wishful and being bold. You brought that out very clearly ins “That of every wish, Be credible of course Save the odd amiss.” The idea of “what if” can be said in retrospect or in future thinking. I do love how you give me so many ideas….

    • Interesting…day dream and wishful thinking being the same. Maybe be so but too confusing for me, as my wishful thinking, so long ago, usually dealt with aspirations and trying to figure out how to get there, or to resolve whatever, or succeed side tracking fantasy in favour of reality. Thus so outside of mind games for my youth’s likelihood. Being without a father’s earlyhood guidance in my case at eleven, has one grow up at a faster pace than myths might suggest. Bold surely was my lot, to help young life along, for better or for worse… Hey Rebecca, you’ve got me back there when, life was tough but nowhere near what kids must face today.
      Have a lovely weekend!

      • As I look back, I find that I am able to clearly remember the early years up until the age of about 20 – 23. After that, years get confused and the memories seem to merge into a blur, which suggests that what is experienced in childhood is deeply embedded. Losing a father at the age of 11 would be a huge disruption and sorrow. And yes, one grows up at “a faster pace than myths might suggest!!!

  2. I agree with Rebecca that there are different types of wishful thinking. One is unrealistic, deluded thinking of the if-wishes-were-horses-then-beggars-would-ride variety. The other I think of as the leap of faith: I see the shining city on the hill, and I will figure out a way to get there.

  3. Different types, no argument there…as this “If Only” suggests that of every wish, be credible of course, save the odd amiss… like horses and ridding beggars. As to your shinning city, if you are in the process of figuring out how to get there, I would think, at that point you’ve gone beyond wishful thinking… as in the category of odd amiss, no? In any event, it’s all speculation until you are into it. So let me know when, you evidence an inkling. Thus so when you are wishful thinking!
    Thanks, Liz, have a nice weekend.

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