“ If Only ” – I’d known when –

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If only

       – I’d known when –

If only

I’d known when,

To tell you

What I should,

Words that spoke

Of feelings then

Were misunderstood,

We might’ve found

To comprehend,

There came a point

That our affair,

Bore signs of thinning

Despite alluded tend,

Rather than beginning

Had started at the end!


                        written in Montréal

                                 © Jean-Jacques Fournier

9 thoughts on ““ If Only ” – I’d known when –

  1. The power of two words “if only” comes through so clearly in this poem, Jean-Jacques. It is a whisper of, “I could have done better.” “Or, I should have known.” And always spoken with the hindsight of 20/20 vision. The idea of mindfulness in living our moments is an ideal for which we seek for there is a promise of clarity. And yet, it is our humanity that allows us to live and then remember. Another marvelous poem. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Rebecca, for your observation.
      It’s my take on a slice of life’s living that the average (I’m guessing) will encounter in this or like fashion. Thus so in usually an early youthful stage of life, though late bloomers are not immune, in one’s search to find romance up to and including a life partner. Nothing unique, just a reflection on human emotions and those journeys’ potential pitfalls…!

      • How very well said!!! Love your reflections. And those pitfalls are what they call “teachable moments.” I have never really understood the “teachable” part of the phrase. I keep on learning and learning and learning.

  2. Thank you, Paulette, I always appreciate that heart felt emotional reflection, from an extraordinary generous giver of comfort as yourself. One who has spent her life doing so for humans, and dramatically so for our fellow four-legged defenseless creatures. Your familiarity with sorrow, what with your initial career as well as your care for animals, is so evident, in your touching comment that is pure you. In a manner said that has us, which includes me, feel what you do, even from something I happen to have written. You are a very special person Paulette, and I thank you ever so for being in my little world!

  3. Marvelous, nostalgic and reflecting poem, dear Jean-Jacques. When all is said and done , we might afterwards and over time ask ourselves, what if only. Life and love have a certain way to run their own course though,I think, and we have more or less no control of that even we have the best intent. Thank you for sharing.
    Take car, Francina

  4. Yes of course, nostalgia… A kind of side affect after having swallowed that “if only” self-prescribed pill or dosage, for what turns out to be a wrong life experience choice, one that may or may not leave a scar.
    You’re right, about life and love kind of running their own course, yet that if only question, to some degree will cross everyone’s mind… at least we with a humane mind, that leads down that road of wanting to have a naturally happy and hopefully even lasting experience of life sharing! Alas, and unfortunately many have to run that proverbial gauntlet of if only before attaining the desired goal, though sadly, some never do, and end up with a different kind of scar.
    Thanks, Francina, and you too take care, my dear Netherlands precious connection!

  5. As it did for your other readers, your poem struck a responsive chord with me. I had my major “if only” moments when relatively young, so I’ve fewer regrets now.

  6. So many ways to react to that experience, despite the emotional upheaval, regardless of ones age or time of life. One of having to deal with the diminishing flashes that occur as life moves on. I suppose in a way people who have had to deal with that kind of “if only” are still ahead of those who will never know any kind of a love experience possibility, the likes that are too insecure and too frightened to take a chance. I have written a few ” If only” poems each one based of conversations with acquaintances and long term friends, who’ve admitted being frightened of committed relationships…

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