“ Silence ” – for gratuitous reason –

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“ Silence ”

                – for gratuitous reason –

Why must I bide
To hear but sounds
Of silence,
At times a virtue
Now but a chide,
Thus weary I be
Ever waiting                             
On verbosity,
That might reflect                                                           
A hint of life…
Might I propose
In shades betwixt,
Effort compose
To so thus fix,
The emptiness                                                              
Of inert silence,
And the tedium
Of verbose prolix…
A word or more
I so implore
Even neath
The aural norm,
Albeit to tease
In lieu of please,
To save from silence
Held for gratuitous reason!

                                                             © Jean-Jacques Fournier

12 thoughts on ““ Silence ” – for gratuitous reason –

  1. I am always delighted to see your poetry come in my reader. You give a lift to my spirits with every word that is given. Now we are entering a unexpected solitude. You have filled the silence with poetry. And what better way to spend a moment in time. With gratitude for our friendship. A big hug to Marianne. Take good care…

    • The sentiment is reciprocal, dear friend. And yes the unpredictable side of nature has found a way to alert us ever so dramatically of mankind’s penchant toward complacency. I must admit its wake up call is, to say the least, a cruel and for too many an unforgiving one. Especially our fellow humans the Italians, who are by far the most affected by horrendous numbers, surpassing all other countries. Over 60000 deaths so far and over 800 today alone. The hand of fate had us leave our dear Italia, a day ahead of our originally planned return. Otherwise as everything did shut down, on the we were to leave, we might well still be there for who knows how long, and in what state.After a self-imposed quarantine, we spent 6 hours of testing for Covid-19 at our local hospital, to be called the next morning telling us we tested negative, free and clear and to continue our quarantine for the prescribed two weeks. Thus so my piece on Silence, though so often a blissful pleasure, in times like these, it is a life and death necessity to speak and be available though from a distance, to be of help wherever and whenever possible, thus for humanity to survive this invisible enemy!

      Be well Rebecca and so too master Don…



      • I have yet to post the video of my recitation of your poem,which said that you were in Italy. This was all done before Covid19 became front and centre. How amazing that in just a few days and weeks, our world has changed and we are on a different, unexpected journey. Even though we are separated by miles, it gives me comfort that we are travelling this path together. Don sends his best and shares my delight that you and Marianne are home and well.

      • So much has happened that I’m not sure which poem you refer to… Was it, “We Homeless” which I suppose may best be delayed what with COVID -19, though not even this damning disease will put a dent on homelessness. As to distances I agree, if anything, this sad awaking of a COVID-19 does tend to have one realize the importance and the ultimate plus side of friendship, regardless of distances. Thank you both for your kind words as to our being back from our stay in Italia home safe and sound, though we leave dear friends and our favourite Italia in such a sad and desperate state.



  2. Yes, let’s find the ‘shades betwixt’ 🙂 What I love about this medium for creative writing is the ability to edit endlessly. Although there is something to be said for locking words in time and print, this type of access is a real blessing. I’m currently re-working an older half-finished poem coming to life in new ways. Thank you for your words!

  3. Dear Jean-Jacques: You know my track record – as far as commenting on blog posts of my utterly passionate interest. I am neither happy nor proud of my absences. But, it is my reality. Here I am, admiring your work yet once again; still, not coming up with any substance to articulate. Regardless: I thank you once again for sharing your poetic talent, your uniquely insightful angle of viewing matters at hand – one poem after another. Wishing you the best in all your writings and in all aspects of your life, dear friend. Please, do not hold it against me that, on my part, I lack the depth of your comments whenever you visit my blog site.

    • Dear Hülya… and kind friend…I am a forgiving soul, at least when there is something to forgive. Though I’ve have place to hold whatever against whomever, for that takes time, energy and thought, three of which I’ve none to spare with life’s meagre quantity allotted to each of us.
      You’ve been a kind, generous and caring friend, since those years back we chanced to be acquainted, including exposing my poetry to your tie to another publishing world. There is no need to fret my friend… your presence is all that matters, and here you continue to be, for which I am ever thankful!
      By the way congratulations on your “Internationalism” poem, the one of your three poems appearing in the February 2020 issue of The Year of the Poet. As I’ve said before, my kind of, e of w, poetry that grabs your mind stays with you ever so effectively. Just lives on perfectly!

      • You are an incredibly gracious and graceful friend, my dear Jean-Jacques. I thank you from the heart for your kind reply. Please know that I am always there behind the scenes, reading your work of outreach, insight and beauty. Thank you also for your kindest mention of my and comment on my poem. Wishing you and yours always the best!

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