“ The Last Train ” – may have gone –

795px-Claude_Monet_-_Train_in_the_Snow    Listen to audio

                                                            painting by Claude Monet

“ The Last Train ” – may have gone –

I’d bought in too

A youth’s fallacy,

Ye want find true

Save failed to see,

Fate shan’t renew

A life forever be,

Tho we continue

Frivolously free,

To ponder pursue

And endlessly roam,

Tho state of askew

Too far from home,

Long past ye renew

Will find one alone,

When the last train

Now may have gone!

                                             © Jean-Jacques Fournier

10 thoughts on ““ The Last Train ” – may have gone –

  1. excellent thought provoking poetry from the Bard of Sweetsburg

    something attached from CoVId week in our isolation

    lots of time on our collective hands.

    alas, creative minds wander and wonder…

    see the music 

  2. How serendipitous! I was just researching trains in art/paintings. I remember the haunting sound of a train whistle on the Canadian Prairies, passing through town. While I remained in a fixed location, the train moved on…

    These words resonated: ‘Fate shan’t renew A life forever be, Tho we continue Frivolously free…”. We need to experience the moment, for time, within our existence is inflexible, moving ever forward.

    • Thanks Rebecca. Like you say… the sound moves on and to a point, at least as far as our picture memory of the that haunting howling whistle, it stays on in the back of our memory, indefinitely. Thus so too at times to surface like now from your research and right back coincidentally with this poem. But this time it did not stop there, because of your response it inspired me to send something else on trains and their howling, in another poem I wrote called, Nobody Hears – a silent fear – in which you will hear that howling. Enjoy…!


      • I just heard you recite “Nobody Hears – a silent fear! Brilliant and moving…a time passed that needs remembering in the days ahead. Thank you!!!!

      • Dear Rebecca,

        Ever so pleased that you found both my poems, “The Last Train” and “Nobody Hears” interesting and to your liking. That you found the latter in particular moving is special to me, as it is one that holds to my memory, having been inspired by my favourite uncle who lived and travelled in that manner, during the Great Depression of the thirties. Thus so, looking for work of any kind across Canada, to feed his desperate family of infant and young children, as well as his wife and himself, through the “brother can you spare a dime” years. Hearing it as well, I feel expresses the sentiment and hardships of the times even more profoundly. Sadly so many did not survive the ordeals, save my uncle who shared his stories with me then a youngster, who could not forget.


    • Always touched and pleased when the abstract nuances of my poems create individual imagery of personal stories and memories. That’s when I realize my scribble is worthy of having been written as well as shared. Thanks Paulette for letting me know! Jean-Jacques

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