“ Beginnings ” – goal not forever –


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“ Beginnings ”

            – goal not forever –


In the beginning

Declared be alive,

Tho not forever

We’re to survive,

Save a few clever

Perhaps the wiser,

Saw worth persist

Held more aware,

Said of beginnings

As life finds decide,

What be goal’s fare

If one bids to abide…


So be of mans mind

To begin with sway,

With resolve to find

Aims fashion to play,

Seeks incite revision

In road of life’s way,

Want alter its vision

Holds be a short stay,

The while not eternal

And goals not forever,

Would sidestep its end

As man aches to suspend!


                         an ode to man’s ludicrous dream…

                 © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Music, Stranger by Aerocity   



8 thoughts on ““ Beginnings ” – goal not forever –

  1. Interesting timing for me to read your poem, Jean-Jacques, as I just listened the “the trio’s” conversation about goal-setting on “Tea, Toast & Trivia” this morning. After reflecting on your poem, I think I am “one bids to abide” for the time being.

  2. Being at the right place at the right time for the most part is pure luck, yet can create the unexpected ,that really has no boundaries. The while under normal circumstances we are rarely aware of the opportunities that such place and time situations come to pass thus so and right by unnoticed. That my poem, Beginnings, was the impetus that help you make a decision after listening to Tea Toast & Trivia, is indeed interesting, as it relates to place and time…

  3. “In road of life’s way,
    Want alter its vision
    Holds be a short stay”

    We live in the finite – the short stay – which leaves us in a quandary as we age of how best to use the diminishing resource of time. I especially appreciated the word “alter.” How many times have we considered the alternative paths that could have been taken, and follow the thought of what ‘might have been.’ I am going to think about the idea of “luck” Jean-Jacques. There are coincidences, like being at the right time and place. You have sent me on another merry chase. I do love our conversations.

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