“ The Other Side ” – of nowhere –


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“ The Other Side ”

             – of nowhere –

It’s a state of mind

Where the place to be,

Is a paradise uncharted

That sanity infers,

Is a situate must see

While so far it seems,

Getting there does mean

One need travel,

If but a gift for dreaming

On the other side of nowhere…

Doubt may at times

Discern ye be afraid,

Clouds so our mind

Yet fails to dissuade,

Of new worlds define

Be humanly worthy,

Said majority’s kind

So unlike parasitical,

Precursor to the blind

Seen perilous politicals,

Since inept left behind …

Hence I daren’t hesitate

With this bold escapade,

Want readily participate

In what leads to souls aid,

Facing a world, in decline

Not iniquitous charade,                                                                      

Held be set state of mind

If ye should opt to believe,

Can so resolve to soon find,

The other side of nowhere!


                     ov written in Montreal in 2001                        

                                            © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Music, The Journey Before Dawn – by Natura Silentia

Paintings include, Michelangelo Buonarroti, The Fall and Expulsion from the Garden of Eden and William Blake, Illustration to Dante’s Inferno, Dante and Virgil at the Gates of Hell.

Photos by/par, MD

10 thoughts on ““ The Other Side ” – of nowhere –

  1. Thanks, Paulette… ‘Tis said, maybe even too often, where there’s a will, there’s a way! So surely with collective imagination, we humans, the real kind of intelligent humans, will find a way to resolve the present crucial issue… and issues to get us out of the world’s present grave dilemma, pardon the pun. It’s been done again and again throughout history, and without kidding ourselves this time too, though it will never be perfect , as there is no such thing as perfect, for we are but human. After the good people of the USA, correct that all time whopper of a stinker, in the next election, I’m sure we will all feel a positive nudge forward, and that will be a start and a welcome gift to the world… My fingers are crossed, my dear friend, for you and us all !

  2. I hope your vision of the future comes to pass. A timeless vision, as the poem was written in 2001! I’ve been trying to gain perspective by taking the long view of history.

    • Thanks, Liz… Interesting reaction and comment to my reflective poem of aspiration. To not having taken a view of history, long or otherwise, even long before 2001, I don’t think i would be imagining the possibility of any promise of progress in my writings.
      The present world condition is forcing us to think globally, and that with the now level of knowledge with which people are bombarded daily, non stop, more or less worldwide, for possibly the first time may well put us on the road to The Other Side, thus hopefully so. My thought of appropriate timing, gave reason for the revisiting of my poem The Other Side – of nowhere – Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained !

  3. Our lifespans are infinitesimal compared to the narrative of humanity . As Liz noted, gaining perspective by taking the long view of history has great appeal. And speaking of a long view, I have been reading Marcus Aurelius, Meditations and came across this passage: “You always own the option of having no opinion. There is never any need to get worked up or to trouble your soul about things you can’t control. These things are not asking to be judged by you. Leave them alone.” I especially appreciated your opening words, Jean-Jacques: “It’s a state of mind Where the place to be.,”. We have the privilege of choice. Another most excellent post and discussion.

    • Indeed a sound suggestion that was also suggested by another philosopher a bit before Aurelius, in 551 B C, Confucius, about not worrying over things we have no control.
      But being human even after all these centuries we are not yet there, and on the other hand, change usually comes eventually from frustrated masses who have no control to start with, and because of so revolt or manage to gather enough good votes to make the changes, until the rot sets in and we start again.
      Sorry to be a spoil sport, but for the time being that’s life, at least until we get to that nowhere place. Maybe soon !

      • I agree that change usually comes from frustrated masses. To your point, I looked back into the history of this day – July 28th. In 1794 France Revolutions figure Maximilian Roberspierre and 22 other leaders of “the Terror” guillotined to thunderous cheers in Paris. In 1914, Austria-Hungary decided against mediation and declares war on Serbia – the first declaration of was of WWI. In 1917, Silent Parade organized by James Weldon Johnson of 10,000 African-Americans who march on 5th Ave in NYC to protest against lynching. And the drama of change continues to unfold. Marcus Aurelius and Confucius lived during turbulent times. What I appreciate about their philosophy – the same philosophy that comes through in your poetry, Jean-Jacques, is how we, as individuals, respond so that we may live our lives, during uncertain times, with grace and equanimity. It is not easy but made easier when we belong to a compassionate community.

  4. Thanks, Rebecca…To live our lives with grace a equanimity…made easier in a compassionate community, being by extension in my words, The Other Side, and until we find it and get there, will remain “of nowhere” as it has since 2001 and before !

  5. Thank you. Hopefully with the constant nudge, words may one day be, more effective than the sword, which feeds big brother’s watching, and thus so will produce our needed yet desperate survival results. Presuming the new generations will not allow the continuation of perpetual brainwashing we humans to this day continue to suffer.

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