“ Body In Motion ” – a composition –


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“ Body In Motion ”

                        – a composition –

I watch beguiled

The body move,

At mesmeric pace

In perfect groove,

Be the beauty

Of her grace,

A striking figure

Neath satin skin,

Of golden colour

Rippling so within,

Be sensual power

Tautly glistening,

As her steps tower

Ever provoking,

A terpsichore

Held of a dance,

That undulates

And counteracts,

To elongate

A composition,

Finds articulate

As body in motion,

Wants speak of life…

Hence as she soars

Like the god of Jove,

Wouldst thus express

The splendour she wove,     

In that alluring motility

Said be her body in motion!

                        © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Photo, excerpt of Body In Motion, by Tono Stano…

 Line Drawings, excerpts – by my daughter, Nicole Fournier…

Eco – Performance Artist…

Music – exerpt of Body and Soul, by Woody Herman…

14 thoughts on ““ Body In Motion ” – a composition –

  1. The art of movement, whether it be dancing, walking, jogging, has been with us since ancient times. I love how your bring out the connection of motion and life: “A composition, Finds articulate As body in motion, Wants speak of life…”

    • Thank you, Rebecca… The connection of body and motion as a composition of life had me wanting to express the awareness of it poetically. To do so required I draw a word picture with a specific example… ergo what better than the beauty of the human body, specially the female body whose sensuality is more expressive than that of the male, at least it is in motion.
      Using my daughter Nicole’s line drawings excerpts and Tono Santo’s photo excerpt, I thought would give my endeavour some credibility. It seems i wasn’t mistaken, if I read Liz Gauffreau’s comment correctly!

      • You thoughts always come through brilliantly, Jean-Jacques. My niece is a contemporary jazz and ballet dancer with DJD in Calgary. I have watched her from when she first started when she was 7 or 8, to her education at Rambert in England, to her professional career as a dancer. What I especially appreciate is that movement is part of who we are, that sensuality and practicality go hand in hand. Check out this link about DJD showing both young and old: https://vimeo.com/218867592

      • Always amazing to me, Rebecca, what a few words said at a given time will in return trigger the opening of a new and interesting discovery.Thus as in this instance of exchange on the subject of ‘Body In Motion’ the poem, the far-reaching connections attached to its seemingly virtual tentacles. This time discovering your talented niece, the dancer extraordinaire and her exceptional contribution thru her art. In essence art in its multitude of applications, languages as in the form of expressions, materials and colours, that communicate thru sound and words or gestures, etc., etc., said art as a whole is the absolute center of life.


      • We have the very best conversations, Jean-Jacques. Your words have a way of leading us through many pathways of exploration. My gratitude for sharing your poetry. You have said it brilliantly: “art as a whole is the absolute center of life.”

    • Ah,my dear Paulette, great minds do indeed think alike, for I too feel as you do about this poem, as does Marianne, my constant reader, etc, etc… Thank you my friend!

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