“ Dancers ” ~ inside and out ~

It seems to start,
With hint of impulse
Inside the heart,
Where links ones soul
To body’s rhythm,
When legs cajole steps
To tug at your mind,
Harmonizing in time
How bodies move
With music’s define,
And dancer groove
In and out to infuse,
Ones body and mind!


“ Euphony ” ~ for a limboed soul ~


I close my eyes

And listen

To the euphony,

That brings to life

A sun filled sound

Wants skirt the rain…


And when I hear

The music flow

So freely to my ear,

Elation but awakes

My limboed soul,

To nudge emotions

Parched and dry…


Thus musician stay

That I may hear you play

The music you so speak,

Would lure a soul

From complacent silence

That renders bleak,

Hence musician play,

That I be once more whole!