“ A Near Dead Soul ” ~ draped in defeat ~

A near dead soul

Bled of iniquity,

Hobbles his way

Draped in defeat,

A façade now surly

Etched on his face,

Burdened with gait

That once held grace,

Who journeys in hell

From wrongful deeds

His mind can’t dispel,

Now sadly bears fate

That mirrors his hate!

ode to death of a friendship


“ A Woman’s Mind ” ~ discerns neath the surface ~


There’s a place

In a women’s mind,

Bides visual acuity

Which envisages,

The innate grace

Of another’s face,

Neath the surface

Of a ravaged hide,

A setting for senescence…


It’s said her acuteness

Detects outside,

The blurry measure

Of fated declivity,

Glimpsed thru eyes

Capable of obscuring,

The scaring havocs

Of life’s journey,

Save what lives within

Speaks beyond time

Marred by chagrin,

Actuates her visual acuity!


“ In My Mind ” ~ I border on sublime ~

In my mind

I look so grand,

I almost am

You understand,

Tho chance I err

Thus to be safe

Won’t say aloud,

And every mirror

Keep under shroud…


I’m in great shape

My mind believes,

With easy grace

I move with speed,

As I wouldst rate               

Hence so at ease…


Thus far  I see

I border on sublime,

Leastwise in my mind!