“ A Loaf of Bread ” ~ a jug of wine, and thou ~

Held loaf of bread,

A jug of wine

And thou he’d said,

Be propitious find

Tho but line I read,

Fixed state of mind

Tho barb now dead,

Lived poetry’s sage

Long ago far ahead,

Of creation engaged

Tho of ancient past,

Did inspire persuade

Every nuance he cast,

Be a tableau each page

Stated words of Khayyâm!


                                                         ode to a great poet and polymath

                                                                   © Jean-Jacques Fournier


3 thoughts on ““ A Loaf of Bread ” ~ a jug of wine, and thou ~

    • Thank you, Paulette. What a wonderful mind and magnificent human being, who possessed such a mind made, and made to leave this world with a matchless nourishing intellectual legacy. He was my very first introduction to poetry, way back when at a very early age, that would hook me on both poetry and the appreciation of fine wines, preferably with, or as well without that loaf of bread.



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