“ Life ” ~ be but a minute ~

As journey’s impart

Finds  compose,

A life held chart

Of  fading echoes,

Images seek focus

On a wistful past,

As recall delves

In dormant baggage,

Where marks a start

Of minute’s living,

Which is to be our life…


As life be but a minute

I’ve no time left to waste,

So overlook my rancour

If you crowd my space,

Or find ye be  anchor

In my short-lived race,

Tho I sound rather terse

I’m not without candour,

So empathize my strife

For with so little time,

I’ve reason to make haste…


I might have shown fear

Or shed a meagre tear,

To decelerate the process

That fixed  fall’s arrival,

In the wake of all that dies

As will a prized September,

Thus with all it finds allied

Seek peace with December,

For soon you’re gone to rest

To lie neath earthen blanket,

Should minute’s life end next!


                                                                                    © Jean-Jacques Fournier


6 thoughts on ““ Life ” ~ be but a minute ~

    • Thank you Paulette…Of time or what of it that is left, I have become much more aware of all aspects of it, as in time now at high speed, that is to say with hours transforming to seconds, days to minutes, weeks to hours, and months to years. When my wonderful mother was still alive in her early eighties, and I complained that time was moving too fast, she would chuckle and tell me that I hadn’t seen the half of it yet. I can comfortably say that ‘mañana’ has for some time lost its place in my vocabulary.



  1. A brilliant way to capture the essence of humanity’s narrative. “As life be but a minute I’ve no time left to waste, So overlook my rancour If you crowd my space.” I love how you positioned “minute” to “waste” to “rancour” to “crowd.” We crowd our lives with “urgent” that wastes our precious minutes, which lead to discontent/rancour. It seems that the closer we get to the end of the runway, we pick up speed. Today is to be lived. Tomorrow is for tomorrow.

    • Thank you, Rebecca… Isn’t it funny how long it takes, us as youths and into later adulthood and onward, to realize how much we downplay that proverbial “minute”… like the most common of all, ‘be there in a minute’ or I’ll just be a minute, etc. All these minutes committed that are seldom if ever rendered within their commitment. But I digress, though the intent of my poem, was to emphasize how short be a lifetime, and how quickly it passes, was in essence simply to remind, and thus give value to each precious minute, as though they be a lifetime, hence so as not to waste. For in the overall scheme of things, what is said to be life or lifetime, by comparison to the age of our planetary system, we are here in this world for but a minute.



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