“ A Loaf of Bread ” ~ a jug of wine, and thou ~

Held loaf of bread,

A jug of wine

And thou he’d said,

Be propitious find

Tho but line I read,

Fixed state of mind

Tho barb now dead,

Lived poetry’s sage

Long ago far ahead,

Of creation engaged

Tho of ancient past,

Did inspire persuade

Every nuance he cast,

Be a tableau each page

Stated words of Khayyâm!


                                                         ode to a great poet and polymath

                                                                   © Jean-Jacques Fournier


“ Manners ” ~ minding what matters ~


An innate place

Of pubertal days,

Extends beyond

Adolescent ways,

Thus frustrates

A sage mind

Of durable stay,

Earning title

To right of say,

For what matters

Held wanting,

When minding

Of manners

Be  dubious state,

Hence entreats

The redressing

Of  bearing,

All but blind

To demeanor

Layered fine,

While the way

Weighs on time,

For fashioning manners

Of minding what matters!