“ Endless ” ~ hope and its misses ~

Of boundless hope

And as many misses,

Be mindful of scope

Said life’s caprices,

We forever grope

Beyond ambitious,

Till ‘tis contrary

To fates chose dishes,

And lacking the parity

In positives we seek,

To end endless hope

Cast by devilish cheats,

Orchestrating its misses!

                © Jean-Jacques Fournier



8 thoughts on ““ Endless ” ~ hope and its misses ~

    • You’re so right Paulette, it can be so many things, and in these times with the level of information that is available to the public around this planet, we are not short of endless. Thus you would think that hope by now might have found a place secure enough to include peace, and the understanding of its need for the survival of man, deservingly or not,… Ergo more than anyone be our chosen leaders, with whose ultimate power have yet to see fit to stop rattling their symbolic swords, hence risking all for their childish games at mankind’s expense.

      Hope is indeed endless, but to what avail, save pushing man’s luck to the edge, one time too many?



  1. We live in a noisy, complex world; and yet, it is the small, still voice that speaks with elegant strength. We live in hope of something better, especially for the next generation. Always a joy to read your words of wisdom. Thank you!

    • Thank you my friend, and yes as time flies by so quickly, living in hope becomes an issue of urgency bordering on hopelessness for ourselves, thus relegated to striving for they who will follow, hopefully with a higher level of intelligence that will allow them to realize a need to put action ahead of empty words to save this planet.



    • We navigate… rather wanting on of that ever-increasing fearful journey. A journey designed by our fearless leaders, so called for lack of a more polite and fitting description. Thus said, with all the conviction of a naive, unprepared and hopeful child, on ever so wobbly legs of this mazed generation. And the beat goes on! Thank you Wayfarer for your profound words.



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