“ Of A Horse ” ~ in the rain ~

I ponder the lot

Of a horse,

Who has caught

Endless days

In the rain,

How he must feel

To suffer its bane,

As he ingests grass

In meadows too wet,

That verges morass

Nature chose beset,

On pasture he links

To life giving fests,

While hunger persists

Thus imaged bethinks

In this life he submits,

Fails to be in the pink!

                                                        ode to friends Michèle & Thomas

                                                                  the ultimate horse lovers

© Jean-Jacques Fournier



2 thoughts on ““ Of A Horse ” ~ in the rain ~

    • Thanks Paulette… actually they have two, my horse lover friends. This was my reflection from yesterday, heading to the baker’s for bread, as I past two horses, an Appaloosa and an undescriptive but beautiful black horse grazing, as they do near every day in that pasture. However for days now they do so in the pouring rain.

      They are the beauties who inspired my poem, and far starving , though suffering the horrendous rain we have been getting in this part of the world for some 3 weeks. The whole scene just got me wondering about that grey wet picture, that these fellow creatures endure. Thus for even they, life is not always “la vie en rose” as the saying goes… or life in the pink or rose coloured glasses. Now you can see how my mind has a wandering life of its own.


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